Monday, December 26, 2005


Sean Tully: Bingo Caller.

One suspects that the Coronation Street wardrobe department got a great deal on rolls of lilac-coloured fabric as this seems to be the colour of the season. All the senior set were dressed head to toe in lilac at Ken and Deirdre’s wedding and now Sean is decked out in the same colour scheme. Quick! Someone call Trinny and Susannah!

About to make his bingo-calling debut, Sean fears he’s hyperventilating from a bad case of nerves. Eileen saves the day by offering him her handbag to breathe into in lieu of the traditional brown paper bag.

The bingo hall manager advises our Sean to “Be at one with the balls and you’ll fiind yourself in ‘The Zone.’” Ah yes, the Zen of bingo.

Line of the week goes to our Janice who asks Tyrone, “Are you a bingo virgin? Would you like me to show you what to do with your dabber?”

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