Friday, December 09, 2005

Be Honest With Me - Update

and you can be brutally honest here, I don't mind.

Is it wrong to cheer on someone's suicide attempt?

I mean, it's not THAT bad is?

Last night saw Katy try to off herself via diabetic shock.

Katy: Sob! Sniff!! Orange Pop! Sob! Sniff! Sugar, sugar.. sooooooooob! Sniff!!!!

Jacqueline: Go Katy! Go Katy! Go! Go! Rock that sugar!

Katy: Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Sugar, sugar, sugar.

Jacqueline: Just a cup full of sugar helps your haminess go down, helps your hamminess go down.

(At this point, Jacqueline is dancing with an umbrella, a chorus of cartoon penguins and three chimney sweeps.)

See? See what bad acting will get you? The producers will write you off the show, by death. Bye-bye. No hope of returning. Not even to see your brother who CAN act his way out of a paper bag.

I digress....

So Katy sends herself into a diabetic coma by eating an entire bag of sugar and watching videos of her parents re-enact the entire score of 'Grease!'.

They are rescued by the Platts when the music comes drifting from their house.

My favorite line is Sarah's 'Wait! That's not Oliva Newton John and Whatsit - that's the Harris's singing!' (I'd know their stylings anywhere!)

The last we see if Scooter phoning 911, while Martin screams and Katy drools.

In Other News

For some reason Fred thinks that Audrey should pipe water out of the hole in her back yard. Perrier du Weatherfield.

Leanne and Danny are trying to act like *nothing* is up for the families. Everything normal here. Danny gets especially gushy with the family. 'Can I peel a grape for you?'

Louise (the Oirish) girl is going back to Oireland. (Please don't! We love you so!) Her date with Steve was interrupted when he had to go comfort Tracey*** and when he gets back, she kind of suggests that they call it a night. He convinces her otherwise and boom,boom,boom they go back to his room.

***Tracey - your shit is crazy. I don't even know when you're being fo shizzle or not. 'My Dad messed me up, that's why I'm so evil. Go on Steve, have fun with the new girl.' (This from a lady who made the 'Get on your broom and go back to Ireland comment.)

I'm beginning to love Tracey just for her disfunction alone.


John said...

Oirish Girl! NOOOOOOOO!!!

kowy said...

While we were watching Katy kill herself with sugar it was noted by all present that, hey, if you're gonna commit suicide by sugar, you should at the VERY LEAST make it death by chocolate or something.

I mean, really? A bag of sugar? Pop? Where's the cheesecake? The bonbons? The big-ass pile of ooey-gooey fudge?

Jacqueline said...

I'd kill myself with the praline cheesecake that you used to get from Shopsy's.

Either that or Finnish chocolates.

John said...

Stupid Katy can't even kill herself in style.

Now that Ray, he had style.

mare said...

butter tarts. lots and lots of ooey, raisin-y butter tarts.

i guess since she couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, it's appropriate that her death should come by a product sold in paper bags...

Jackie said...

I would rather her die in Prison and her mom be free to get back to life with Craig.
Katy drives me up the wall!

Anonymous said...

Hello From the States
Here I am a Detroit area watcher, endlessly fast fowarding my vcr on my cbc taped Corrie shows. Do I fast forward the good storylines, no just the Katie stories. Actually I also fast foward the Shelley stories too...
Death by Butter Tarts I"ll take that one!

Anonymous said...

Good riddance Katie, how I hated you so.
too bad Angela's gotta go too. I really like that actress when she's given something decent to do.

death by butter tarts....i've been craving butter tarts for days. It sucks being poor and not being able to buy the ingredients.
I think i'd have done myself in with a huge DQ ice cream cake, cheesecake, and a Fun Dip (they're pure sugar!). mmmmm sweet sugary heaven.
- craving butter tarts in pei -

Jackie said...

Anonymous from PEI, I'm currently living in Alberta, but I just moved here from PEI!

Maybe one day we can enjoy a DQ cake together!

polly said...

I tell you guys, I don't know what moon I was born on but I just LOVED the Martin/Katie storyline and her acting in it and I thought that Katie's performance after she killed her father was second to none. I hate to see that family dissolve.