Sunday, December 18, 2005

Audrey’s Canadian Lovechild, Eh?

Viewers of Coronation Street Classics have been introduced to Audrey Robert’s Canadian son and Gail’s half-brother, Stephen Reid. (Stephen is played by American actor Todd Boyce.)

Little is known about Stephen’s father other than that he was a 'spotty 16 year-old' and Audrey herself was 16 when Stephen was born.

Stephen lives in Canada and works for a sportswear company. He’s in the UK on business (1996) and visiting his mum and Gail.

Gail’s friend Alma Baldwin takes a shine to Stephen and declares him “gorgeous.” (At that time, Alma was Mike Baldwin’s wife.)

Alma and Gail launch into a discussion about the sex appeal of Canadian men.

Alma: “I mean you don’t think of Canadians as being sexy, do you?”

Gail: “Why not?”

Alma: “Well, you sort of think of Canada, you know… snowshoes. Sorry.”

Gail: “Well, you have to think ice hockey.”

Alma: “And then you think of them plastic pudding basins they put on their heads. Oh I mean they did lumber themselves with some passion-killers, didn’t they, them Canadians? Then there’s the Mounties with them pointed hats.”

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