Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2005’s Top Corrie Moments

What were your most memorable Corrie moments of 2005?

What plots or scenes or characters grabbed your attention this year?

What made you spill your tea as you jumped up and yelled at the screen?

Share your faves with us!


Anonymous said...

The Barlow/MacDonald clan on the game show was an absolute hoot. Ken, the smart one, missed his question -- brilliant!

After that, it was Karen leaving the street, nodding at Tracey as she strode by on her way to the taxi.

Karen's line to Steve as he offered to pack for her was also brilliant: "Don't bother Steve, you'd only crease my clothes..."

Sob! I want her back, if only to clock Tracey a good one!

Jacqueline said...

the face of maya at the end of the episode BEFORE she blew up the shots. The explosions going off as she looks menacing.

That and Ciaran in his black underwear