Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Update Late

Okay - so here's the scoop....John's comment about Craig reminded me about last night.

1) Haley decided to go to the police and tell them that she mailed the threat letter for Ang. Cause that's totally not illeagal, right?


Hales got locked up quicker than funny and had to sign some statement to get released. Roy picked her up and seems a little more than stressed that his wife got messed up with the Harris scandal.

2) Katydid is still working very hard at getting her mom out of jail. She decides that the first step towards 'Vive La Ang Libre!' is to see if Martin will make lover to her. (In order to clear her thoughts, I'm guessing.)

He won't.

3) Craig, finally loses it and acts like a REAL teenager who had just lost both his mom and dad - he starts smashing things. Looks like someone actually took an acting class.

Martin tries to comfort him, but is pushed away.

Katydid - still the pillar of strength for her family - watches. Oh, and cries, she does remember to cry.

4) Ken asks Ray to attend the wedding. This was actually very big of Ken and admiral in the sense that it was his own idea. Ray says he will be there - dead or alive (cause who doesn't enjoy having the corpse of their brides ex husband propped up in attendance at one's wedding.)

5) Tracey takes guy from the bar back to her 'hotel' - aka - The Barlow Palace. She tells them that they must snog quietly because he might wake up her baby (or gran, or stepdad, or mom, or bio dad).

He decides to stay.

How LONG has it been for him?

They have breakie together the next day and he seems like a nice enough guy. (I especially like the comparison of Blanche to Golum in a Nightie.)

He's looking for work as a mechanic and Tracey sends him over to Kevin - who tells him to jump in a lake.

6) Steve remains unbothered by Tracey's new love interest.

7) Sally continues to make faces whenever the replacement assistant's name is mentioned.


John said...

Did Tracey tell Nathan to mention to Kevin how lazy and awful the last mechanic must have been? Nice.

Anonymous said...

I believe so. Wasn't there a 'lying down on the job' crack?