Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Update from Last Night's Corrie - Yes, LAST NIGHT'S

Okay, what the hell was I watching? It would seem that a lot of folks missed out on last night's episode - which I watched at 8:30.

Maybe I dreamt it up, but I definitely something Corrie last night.

So, first of all Alec Gilroy has come back and is ready to sweep Mavis off her feet. This has upset Ena Sharples to no end and she takes it out on her pet darlick. I can tell you right now, Mr.Humphries will have something to say about this.

Wait...no, that was the show I saw before my medication.

Back to reality.

1) Steve is cozy with Irish babe (whom I am falling in love with myself)and she has given her phone number to him. Tracey caught them on the street and had to come over to be bag. Visibly upset, she did the only thing that any women would do, get stinking drunk at the bar where your baby daddy's mother works and molest strange men.

2) Ken has announced that he's booked a time for he and Deidre to get married and it's going to be a huge bash. MAZEL TOV Y'ALL!!

3) Ian has hired some young model to replace Sally while she's on vacation. Sally's face was priceless and well worth the price of admission to see.

4) At one point, Mr. Jacqueline said, 'What the hell's wrong with the wall paper in these people's homes? It's god awful.' After his tirade he then sinks his claws into our favorite blast from the past, Ray. 'And what the hell is wrong with this guy, he looks like he's at death's door.'

Jacqueline says, 'He IS at death's door. He's got terminal cancer and is too sick to be in Holland.'

I noticed that Mr. Jacqueline was looking a little guilt ridden. Not for slamming a dying man, but rather for not keeping up to date on the street adventures while I was in Norway.

That's okay, I still love him.

5) Angela and Katydid go with the gals to the Rovers for a send off - as they are expecting to be relocated under witness protection plan. In mid drunken sing song, the police enter and ask Ang to come outside with them.

She is in full delirium asking if they are going to their new home now, when the police tell her she is under arrest for the murder of Tommy Douglas...I mean Harris.

They haul her away while Katy snaps into action and watches.

Yup, she just stood there as they haul off her mother for the murder she committed.

I bet you're really feeling good about protecting her now, aren't you Ang?

I knew these words were coming back to haunt her, 'I'd do anything to protect me kids! Do anything to me, just spare me children!'

6) The guys are Canadian Tire ads are getting hotter.

7) I am still in the lead for the TV Times Corrie Knitting Issue.


John said...

Do you have Bell Expres-vu or something?

Jacqueline said...

I've got Rogers digital dream. I think the Corrie I saw came in from B.C.

John said...

You think Harper, Duceppe, and Layton would have the decency to just interupt Red Green.

Debbie said...

I am SO sorry I missed that episode. Well, I am sorry that non-confience vote wasn't earlier in the day. What a killer episode to miss!