Thursday, November 24, 2005

UK’s Stupidest Accidents

Ever brushed your teeth …with hair removal cream, or disappeared down a manhole while checking-out a passer-by? These are just two confessions from red-faced Brits that were considered for the Tesco Life Insurance ‘Everyday Hall of Shame’.


GoBetty said...

Once at uni I was so drink I removed my contact lens and put them into their case, not with saline solution but with toothpaste. When I later woke up and discovered what I had done... I calmly cleaned them off and popped them into my eyes. There was stinging and tears, but those lenses were minty fresh.

Jacqueline said...

I bought body wash in Oslo - because the packaging was very cool and it had a cool name.

I think I bought a feminine product instead.

Anonymous said...

My university roommate tried to wipe off the man's disposable razor she was using to shave her legs by swiping across the tri-blade with her index finger wrapped in a facecloth.

Problem was, she forgot the facecloth.