Friday, November 11, 2005

New Corrie Blog from the UK

Shiny Media announces the latest addition to their blogging empire.

Aimed at and written by Coronation Street obsessives, Corrie Blog promises reviews and previews of every episode, juicy gossip about all of the characters and the lowdown on what Corrie actors – both past and present – are up to.


Corrie Blog reveals plotlines from current episodes. Don't click on Corrie Blog unless you like sneak previews. (We’re about 8 months behind the UK. We’re just now watching episodes that were broadcast back in March 2005.)


Mike Heaney said...

8 months. There is so much happening on the Street that I couldn't tell you what was happening 8 months ago.

Morrissey Gal said...

I won't be tempted, I won't be tempted, I won't be tempted. Sigh...I'm dying to know!