Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Make It Stop!

Before I wear out the mute button on my remote, someone please give Katy a sedative.


Pamer said...

Here Here!!!!!

I also can't stress enough how terrible Katie is right now.

Does anyone know? Does she commit suicide? something like that would be good right now.

It's so bad that I haven't even been watching. As soon as Katie or Ray (another awful storyline) comes on i flip to the shopping channel

Anonymous said...

Pamer, I'm with you.

The Ray story line sucks (in my humble opinion), probably because it's such ancient history and I could care less.

The Roy/Haley/stupid dog story sucks even more.

Katey's uncontrollable screeching/shaking sucks most.

I secretly hope Angela will suddenly shout "she did it! Get her the hell out of here!" And give her a smack across the face on the way out too.

Ohmigosh, I'm so cold hearted... now shut the hell up Katey!

mare said...

my parents love her. my mom especially. every night it's "oh, katy is so good in this role".

i personally think it's pretty painful, and wonder if the small dogs in the neighborhood that bark when she is on the screen are an omen, or just a coincidence.

(as an introduction - hi, blundered across this site a couple of weeks ago, knew john in uni, am very glad to discover other corrie addicts, that about covers all i think. cheers!)

John said...

I've always disliked Kat-eh as a character. Just too damn selfish, if you ask me.

I'm not crazy about the Ray story because I never watched the show in the 70's so I have no context for this guy. I can barely watch the ten year old reruns.

Whatever happened to the rumoured Underworld spin-off? That would have been hilarious.

Anonymous said...

There was a rumored Underworld spin-off? That would be neat.

BTW, one of my favorite and typical Ken lines was his pained response to Emily's announcement she'd taken in Ray: "nobody could say you weren't a Christian, Emily..."

Another man might have yelled at her.

Lisa said...

SPOILER: Relax my friends the demise of both characters are comin' sooner than you think and believe it or not it's not at the hands of angry annoyed Corrie fans...

Pamer said...

Hi Mare!!!

John...i noticed that Ang called Kat-eh without using the 't' like she says something like "Kay-eh, I burned the toast" or somat. Is that some geiving mother thing? Drop as many consonnants from child's name as possible. That cracked me up.

Drunk Ken was funny as hell, telling off all the family, especially the 'old bat' Blanche.

Drunk Sonja was pretty funny too.

Strange how the best parts involve copius amounts of ale.

kowy said...

Do the makers of Corrie realize how hard they are making it for me to watch TV?

It's hard to enjoy a show when the person you are using as a pillow goes in to epelieptic-like fits of shaking and crying whenever Kat-eh appears on screen.

Although.....I DO give credit to the poor actress playing Kat-eh. It's gotta hurt after filming like that for hours.

wife of Mr. Mystic said...

I have to agree with "Make it Stop!" - I SO want someone to slap her stupid with all the hiccuping and hyperventilating - put a bag on her head PLEASE.

SOH said...

I can hardly wait until Seizure Sue (aka Kay-teh) is no more. Everyone in my house screams "shut up" when she starts into one of her fits!

Echo Mouse said...

LOL I just found your blog by following links from one of my reads.

This is great! My Mother has watched Corrie for decades now. This latest storyline with Katy and her Mother is killing us! The actress playing Katy is god-awful. I hear you on the MUTE button in spades.

I also find Katy's Mom always makes me think of Hagrid in Harry Potter. Terrible but true. I'm not liking these two actors or this storyline at all. Glad to see we're not the only ones. :)