Friday, November 11, 2005

Lest We Forget

The books listed below are fictional accounts of the lives, loves and adventures of some of Coronation Street’s favourite characters during the war years. Click on the titles for more details.

Coronation Street at War

Coronation Street: The Way To Victory

Coronation Street: Keeping the Home Fires Burning


Jacqueline said...

Brilliant Idea!!! I love the Ena Sharples one.

Can't wait to get home back to you all. (Okay - maybe if they had Corrie Street here, it'd be cool. Cause then I could update you from Oslo.

Meanwhile on Majorstuen, Gudrun has just found out that her lover, Ole is gay and run off with his 'best friend' Terje. What will ever become of little Sigurd Ole?

No amount of Hansa Pils at the Frogner's Return is going to help this situation. I think we can all agree that the skolbrod is really going to hit the fan tonight!

MJ said...

T'aint the same without you. Let us know when you're home.