Saturday, November 12, 2005


Hi all, just a note to say that I was interviewed today by Natasha Sweeney of the CBC tv program "CBC Sunday". She said that the show will air next Sunday. I can't really tell how it went, I thought I was a bit lame. Definitely was nervous. I made tea for all and had out some goodies from British Baked Goods... Eccles cakes, empire cookies, scones and chelsea buns. We chatted at my dining room table. I'll be in Chicago next weekend and am considering not even taping it... ah well, it was really fun anyway. Cheerio!


MJ said...

You're a better hostess than me. I'd have served them Guinness ice lollies and nowt else. Please post a reminder for us about the broadcast before you head out to Chicago.

Pamer said...

That's very cool Betty. I shall be tuned in.