Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hottest Guy on Corrie

Hands down...sexiest, cutiest, most bed-able, sauciest, most marriagable, dreamiest....

Chesney's karate teacher.

(I especially swooned over the endearingly brutish introduction, 'I don't know how to spell Jujitsu, but I can teach it.')

I'm not sure who the actor is, but I think we've discovered what Mathew Modine has been up to lately.

In other update news...

Tommy Knockers

Tommy's been laid to rest and personally I was hoping that this story line would be too. Friday saw Katydid screaming 'It's all my fault!' before the credits rolled. I thought that she'd confess, the priest would breathe a sigh of relief and the coppers would swoop down on both her and Angie for the murder of Tommy Harris and multiple counts of schmaltz.

However, Ang managed to run up to the altar, press Katydid tightly into her breasts (I think she may have been trying do her in.) and give a touching speech about Tommy.

Craig's gonna be sooooooooo pissed when he finds out the truth. (And on a twisted aside..was it just me or was Craig looking kind of hot at the funeral?)

Oh MY God, They've Killed Kenny!

Just kidding, Ken's still alive - but his nose has been put out of joint and that's got to hurt. He arranged for a family outing the coming sunday to make up for his 'bad boy' behaviour the day before.

It was all set when Ray decided to look sad and ask for everyone to take him to some other resort on Sunday instead. At that point all the women folk ('cepting for Ken) jupmed on that band wagon.

(Personally, cancer or no cancer, I think Ray manipulates and kind of sucks.)

The Rose Knows

Sally is trying to break it off with Ian and still keep her job. Rosie continues down the 'J'accuse!' campagain and good on her!


Pamer said...

I fell alseep during last nights episode and was pissed when I woke up to the sounds of the final credits. Thank you for the update.

By the way I swear I saw our Ian in an episode of Little Britian this weekend. No glasses kind of screwed me up but I'm sure it was him playing the part of the prime minister

Debbie said...

Katy's mother has been pressing her up against her breasts once per episode since the abortion. Now, Katy gets a good talking to each episode after the obligatory freak-out over a sweater, a wrench or a chat with the detective.

Hottest guy on the Street. Steve McDonald is my kind of man! He's not exactly hot, but I like his edge.

Actually, none of the guys are 'hot'

John said...

I think the episode should have been titled "Fists of Chesney."

The prime minister on Little Britain was played by Anthony Stuart Head, who is best known as Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Or, as Tom Baker introduced him on the show: "We take you now 10 Downing Street, the home of the Prime Minister. It's not the real Prime Minister. It's just that guy from 'Buffy.'"

Jacqueline said...

I think my hot guy comment went south. Look closer on sunday.

Jacqueline said...

I have to disagree...Ciaran is hot.

kowy said...

that woman is scary. I like her.

And yes, my pervy side says that Craig is hot.

(Oh that I were 16 again, I'd so totally have his pictures up on my bedroom walls.)

Oh....and as for real male tottiness: Um, er, mmm...um....FRED!

mel & james said...

All praise the "Ginger Ninja"! Chesney is the only thing making the show worthwhile at the moment.

Pamer said...

Thanks John.

I knew he looked familiar and 1) I missed the Buffy comment and 2) i hate Buffy

John said...

Jacqueline, I think it would be nice if the karate teacher moved to the street. He'd make a great love interest for Tracey Barlow.

If only I was as handsome as he.

St. Dickeybird said...

Ewww, I thought the Jujitsu teacher was scary!

Anonymous said...

Umm, was that a he? I thought it was a she?

Perhaps it was all the alcohol I drank just in case Kay-eh shook and said nothing but "sniff, Mmmmaaaaaaaammmm, sniff, Mmmmaaaaaammmmm, sniff" for the entire show.

And so she did.

Hottest guy -- toss up between Charlie and Danny. Something slightly dangerous about both.

John said...


This is why I don't think anyone should fear Kay-eh's Konfession. Even if she does fess up, nobody will understand it.

"I myahhh ...*sniff* ....kuhhhh... *sniff*.. muh... *jitter* nyahh ...daaaa ...*snort* ... wrench ....
*sniff* Mah-in ...*jitter*"

It's the perfect crime.