Friday, November 25, 2005

George Best: The Mystery Man on Ian Davenport’s Wall

Back in October I asked, "Who is the guy on the left in that photo in Ian Davenport’s office?"

Corrie Canuck readers suggested it could be a Greek Orthodox priest, Osama after he bought his top range model from Eeeen, the lead singer in Stench of Death, or Rasputin.

But it was eagle-eyed Geoff who tipped us off that it might be footballer George Best.

Right you are Geoff! The photo was created by Stephen Hyde of Famous Friends Ltd.; a business that takes pictures of friends or family and merges them alongside their favourite stars.

Speaking of George Best, the BBC reports that he is close to death and is no longer receiving treatment to keep him alive.


John said...

Sadly, it appears George Best passed away this morning.

Kids, steer clear of too much bevy.

Pamer said...

not to be insensitive but the guy had a liver transplant AND kidney problems and still continued to drink. Wow...too many head balls toward the net.