Thursday, November 03, 2005

Find Fred a Woman

Once upon a time, I thought the Sausage Queen was the woman of Fred Elliott’s dreams.

But after reading this story, I’ve decided Elizabeth Hurley is the perfect mate for Fred.

Elizabeth Hurley suffers from low self-esteem and sees "a person who eats too much junk food and doesn't exercise" whenever she looks in the mirror.

The Estee Lauder model, who recently modeled her own swimwear line Elizabeth Hurley Beach, admits she lives on crisps (potato chips) and coffee and is "obsessed" by sausages, despite regretting what they do to her famous figure.

Hurley says, "As the years go by you do feel less confident about your body. I know that sounds bizarre coming from a woman who is photographed half-naked in bikinis but I feel self-conscious posing for those pictures and they're all retouched anyway.

"For two years I've done almost no exercise and I've been surviving on crisps and coffee. I'm obsessed with sausages. I'd like to eat them every day."


Radmila said...

Oh yes...pass the kleenex.
I don't think I can stand anymore talk about Hurley's low self-esteem.

People with low self esteem often get really far in the world of fashion where people criticize you brutally.

Uh huh.

GoBetty said...

I have high self esteem and seem to share Liz's eating habits. El Gaucho Sausage, the north market...

Jacqueline said...

Liz is all

The woman makes me gay.