Thursday, November 24, 2005

Equal Rights for Gingers!

The conversation over at Shatnerian has turned to Britain’s mistreatment of racial minorities: specifically ‘gingervitis’ i.e. discrimination against redheads.

All you Gingers stand up for your rights! Join Red and Proud today. Their aim is to celebrate and promote the lot of the Redhead.

You’ll be in good Coronation Street company. Sam Aston (our Chesney) won the 2004 "Redhead of the Year" award. And Jennie McAlpine (our Fiz) was the 2002 recipient for "Redhead Female of the Year."


mare said...

redheads rule the universe. we all know it. :) accept the inevitable!

Jacqueline said...

Yeah, but blonds have more....ah.... screw it.

Cheers Red!