Saturday, November 05, 2005

Dev Disappears

We’ll be seeing less of Dev Alahan in the weeks to come. You see, our Dev has a little problem.

But he’ll be back.


John said...

Yeah, I mentioned this last year. I wonder how they'll explain it.

Maybe he's off to Quebec to help Andre Boisclair win the PQ leadership.

Anonymous said...

Oh that crazy News of the World - such lies in their stories. Here's the biggest one:
"Harkishin — adored by millions as corner shop romeo Dev Alahan"

- Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Well, she sounds super sweet and just the kind of girl you'd want having a baby, no matter who the father turns out to be.

'I brought him home because my sister is a fan"???

Yeah, so is my sister, but that doesn't mean I'll be downing drinks in my boudoir with big Fred anytime soon, I say, it does not!

Missus Mystic said...

oh my goodness another Corrie actor into rehab - i know that Curlie was in rehab for awhile, too and maybe that's why he left the show .....

GoBetty said...

MJ you ALWAYS dog up the best dope!