Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bradley Walsh: Southern Boy

CORRIE star Bradley Walsh is convinced his southern twang has helped him make a big impact in the soap and in the acting world.

Watford-born Bradley, who plays two-timing cockney businessman Danny Baldwin, says being a southern voice among a largely northern cast has made him stand out.

Since his arrival on the Street last year, Bradley has become accepted and loved by millions of viewers, particularly women. But here in Manchester where aficionados could just about put up with the original southern wide boy, Mike Baldwin, the influx of his relatives led by Bradley has sparked a continual stream of complaints.

But Bradley is adamant his southern credentials have boosted his acting career: "Being from the south in a show like this is very good - You stand out," he says. "If I'd been on Eastenders, I would have just been one of the gang. On Coronation Street you stick out like a sore thumb, which is good because it means people take notice of you."

Bradley, a comic and game-show host before his move up north, feels people have got around to the idea of seeing him as a fully-fledged actor.

"I feel I am an actor and I think the public now see me as an actor. They don't remember the comedy and game-shows anymore. Everyone has to move on and I, and the viewers, have done.

Though he commutes between his Essex home and Granada's Quay Street studios, Bradley says he hopes for a long stay on the show.

"I live on a need to know basis. I have no great plans, or any aspirations to do anything. Crikey! I'm on the biggest show in Britain. It's great isn't it?

"It gets 13 million viewers a night. How big do you want to be?

Source: Manchester Evening News


GoBetty said...

I could lose myself in those facial crags.

Anonymous said...

You take the face, if you want... =)

Morrissey Gal said...

Sigh...I'm a sucker for a Cockney accent! And his lovely sideys!