Friday, November 04, 2005

Blair’s Wannabee Rock God Past Exposed

Corrie fan Blair, aged 21 in 1975

British Prime Minister Tony Blair's past life as a wannabe rock and roll star with shaggy hair and lurid underwear is to be exposed in a comedy documentary, Channel Four television says.

Before becoming a smart-suited world statesman, Mr Blair fronted the rock band Ugly Rumours during his days studying law at Oxford University, apparently even styling his unruly locks with butter.

Program makers spoke to school friends of Mr Blair and teachers from his school, fee-paying Fettes College in Edinburgh and even ex-fans, to portray him as a fame-obsessed singer who aspired to be a rock star but ended up running Britain instead.

The documentary, Tony Blair Rock Star, includes satirical reproductions of Mr Blair's supposed real-life exploits.

In one scene, the future premier opens a long, sheepskin coat to reveal psychedelic 1970s-style Y-front briefs.

Danny Cohen, head of Channel Four documentaries, says the program uncovers a hidden but hugely revealing chapter in the Blair story.

"At the same time provides rich ground for a gentle ribbing of the Prime Minister's teenage ambitions," he said.

"A lot of the things that motivated him then, even though his big passion was not politics at this point, were being centre stage and the centre of attention, performing."

The program will be aired in the UK later this year.

Source: AFP

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