Monday, November 14, 2005

Belated Updated

This will be a quick overview so we'll start with the patricide and its aftermath.

Katy killed Tommy with a big wrench and Angela, having seen it, decides to protect her daughter and cover it up. Things do not go well. Craig thinks Martin did it. Katy almost convinces herself of the same, between bouts of uncontrollable shaking and sobbing. Martin is arrested, interrogated, and let go but folks on the street are still suspicious, even Gail for spell, who ought to know a thing or two about sleeping with murderers. Angela tries to dispose of the murder weapon, only to discover she's being watched by the police and deduces that she's a suspect in her husband's death.

Meanwhile, Sally tries to use the murder to deflect suspicion of her dirty, dirty affair. Cow.

Meanwhile, Tracy's estranged dad and ex-husband of Deidre, returns to the street only to announce that he's dying. Blanche, Ken, and Tracey are unimpressed and wish him to leave. Deidre takes pity on him and Emily, being a "Christian lady," lets him stop at hers, much to the consternation of Norris, who is displeased that his favourite chair being monopolised by Ray.

Danny tells Warren to keep it in his pants to see if it'll help score more goals. Then he decides Warren should stay away from Leanne as well. It's all quite pointless, really but there it is. It happened. And I don't believe I've ever seen a family openly discuss their children's sex lives as much as the Baldwins.

Sean's hypnotist ex-boyfriend Louis ("Lookintotheeyes. The eyes, the eyes. Notaroundtheeyes...") returns to tell him that their dog, Shandy died. Sean is distraught and sings at a funeral that seems to parody the Tragic Death of Billy the Fetus. Louis also attempts to hypno-cure Jason of his fear of heights and Eileen of her crisps addiction. Then Jason plays a joke on Sean by telling him that Louis hypno-gayed him and that he now truly loves Kylie Minogue. ("And you're back in the room." )

Les and Cilla swan off on holiday, leaving Chesney on Hayley and Roy's doorstep where they are soon joined by Schmeical. Roy has had a fear of dogs ever since, as a child, his hamster was eaten by one. Chesney also manages to scam double suppers off of them, explaining that Cilla starves him on purpose, hoping he'll stay small enough to be a jockey. After a talk with Fiz, Hayley wises up to his tricks. I hope he stays with them forever.

Claire is in training to be a bus driver (follow that rainbow, girl!). Ashley has a specs fetish. Scooter is still boring.

Oh yeah, Tim Horton's has a new chicken sandwich with a zesty sauce that's ... zesty. NotClint Eastwood likes it like that. Eunnnh! And on a focaccia bun. Fo-ca-ccia.


MJ said...

Thankyou John!!!

Anonymous said...

I really hate what Katey is forcing her mother to do. Angela was one of my fave characters, and I find myself hoping she'll fix it so Katey can go undetected.

Not for Katey's sake, mind you. But for Angela's sake.

As for Sally, do we think she'll ever see that her cheating had a huge impact on how this all went wrong for the Harris family?

One more thing: I've found it odd Claire and Ashley's scenes are all happy, happy and totally focused on buses. (OK, the bus part is odd anyway.)

But Claire is Katey's friend, was helping Martin pick out engagement rings a few weeks ago. Ashley's wife was smashed across the head and murdered just like, um, hey, just like Tommy!

Or maybe I missed Claire and Ashley being sad/sympathetic, Ashley trying to talk to Angela, etc...?

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ORANGE said...

I love this show it's the almost repalcement for another world

ORANGE said...

I love this's almost as good as another world.....