Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Angie, I Still Love You Baby

The episodes of late have featured a lot of crazy-crazies - lots of Katey losing her marbles, and lots of Ang screeching at Katey to hold it together lass! Last night was no different. But there was a quiet moment when Ang, Katey and Craig were all sitting around reminiscing about nice things that happened in their lives. Ang pulled out a wedding photo of her and Tommy and I swear to god, as a young girl Ang looks exactly like - the spitting image of - Katie Holmes (allegedly carrying Tom Cruise's baby and currently his beard). Did anyone else notice this? Ang was drop dead gorgeous in that photo.

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steph said...

Oh I didn't even notice that!
I am a Toronto girl, sort of came across your blog by accident. So glad that I did! Didn't realize there were so many Canadian Corrie fans out there!!