Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Update Late

Okay - so here's the scoop....John's comment about Craig reminded me about last night.

1) Haley decided to go to the police and tell them that she mailed the threat letter for Ang. Cause that's totally not illeagal, right?


Hales got locked up quicker than funny and had to sign some statement to get released. Roy picked her up and seems a little more than stressed that his wife got messed up with the Harris scandal.

2) Katydid is still working very hard at getting her mom out of jail. She decides that the first step towards 'Vive La Ang Libre!' is to see if Martin will make lover to her. (In order to clear her thoughts, I'm guessing.)

He won't.

3) Craig, finally loses it and acts like a REAL teenager who had just lost both his mom and dad - he starts smashing things. Looks like someone actually took an acting class.

Martin tries to comfort him, but is pushed away.

Katydid - still the pillar of strength for her family - watches. Oh, and cries, she does remember to cry.

4) Ken asks Ray to attend the wedding. This was actually very big of Ken and admiral in the sense that it was his own idea. Ray says he will be there - dead or alive (cause who doesn't enjoy having the corpse of their brides ex husband propped up in attendance at one's wedding.)

5) Tracey takes guy from the bar back to her 'hotel' - aka - The Barlow Palace. She tells them that they must snog quietly because he might wake up her baby (or gran, or stepdad, or mom, or bio dad).

He decides to stay.

How LONG has it been for him?

They have breakie together the next day and he seems like a nice enough guy. (I especially like the comparison of Blanche to Golum in a Nightie.)

He's looking for work as a mechanic and Tracey sends him over to Kevin - who tells him to jump in a lake.

6) Steve remains unbothered by Tracey's new love interest.

7) Sally continues to make faces whenever the replacement assistant's name is mentioned.

"I want my da!!!"

Tuesday Episode Update:

Last night, distraught over his mother's arrest and his father's murder, Craig Harris beat the crap out of a barbeque. In the process, he showed jittery Kay-eh how a real grieving child acts. Bravo, Craig.

Deirdre’s Mini Skirt

One of our readers noticed that Deirdre’s mini skirt is up for auction on eBay.

For those of you who look up to Fiz as a fashionista, a coat similar to hers is up for grabs too.

eBay Items of the Day

Want to get into Liz McDonald’s pants?

How about Fred Elliott’s trousers?

Can I Bum a Fag?

A series of anti-smoking advertisements began this summer to encourage Brits to give up cigarettes because they make men impotent and women ugly.

The campaign was designed to target young people's fears about sexual attractiveness - an area officials say is more effective than highlighting general health concerns.

One ad uses a burning cigarette end between two inverted fingers with the strapline "Does smoking make you hard? Not if it means you can't get it up."

Another targets women, saying that smoking causes "cat's bum mouth".

A poll conducted among men by phone entertainment firm Lab suggests that smoking women are the biggest turn off for men.

Out of 1000 men questioned aged between 16 and 24, half said that women puffing turn them off.

They ranked it above flirting, breaking wind or swearing. But just 14 per cent of girls were turned off by smoking. More than a third said men's flirting was the biggest no-no.

Right. We’ll make an exception for you Bet luv.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Never Miss an Episode of Coronation Street Again

To those of you who missed last night’s Corrie: let this West Virginian show you how to improve your TV reception.

Update from Last Night's Corrie - Yes, LAST NIGHT'S

Okay, what the hell was I watching? It would seem that a lot of folks missed out on last night's episode - which I watched at 8:30.

Maybe I dreamt it up, but I definitely something Corrie last night.

So, first of all Alec Gilroy has come back and is ready to sweep Mavis off her feet. This has upset Ena Sharples to no end and she takes it out on her pet darlick. I can tell you right now, Mr.Humphries will have something to say about this., that was the show I saw before my medication.

Back to reality.

1) Steve is cozy with Irish babe (whom I am falling in love with myself)and she has given her phone number to him. Tracey caught them on the street and had to come over to be bag. Visibly upset, she did the only thing that any women would do, get stinking drunk at the bar where your baby daddy's mother works and molest strange men.

2) Ken has announced that he's booked a time for he and Deidre to get married and it's going to be a huge bash. MAZEL TOV Y'ALL!!

3) Ian has hired some young model to replace Sally while she's on vacation. Sally's face was priceless and well worth the price of admission to see.

4) At one point, Mr. Jacqueline said, 'What the hell's wrong with the wall paper in these people's homes? It's god awful.' After his tirade he then sinks his claws into our favorite blast from the past, Ray. 'And what the hell is wrong with this guy, he looks like he's at death's door.'

Jacqueline says, 'He IS at death's door. He's got terminal cancer and is too sick to be in Holland.'

I noticed that Mr. Jacqueline was looking a little guilt ridden. Not for slamming a dying man, but rather for not keeping up to date on the street adventures while I was in Norway.

That's okay, I still love him.

5) Angela and Katydid go with the gals to the Rovers for a send off - as they are expecting to be relocated under witness protection plan. In mid drunken sing song, the police enter and ask Ang to come outside with them.

She is in full delirium asking if they are going to their new home now, when the police tell her she is under arrest for the murder of Tommy Douglas...I mean Harris.

They haul her away while Katy snaps into action and watches.

Yup, she just stood there as they haul off her mother for the murder she committed.

I bet you're really feeling good about protecting her now, aren't you Ang?

I knew these words were coming back to haunt her, 'I'd do anything to protect me kids! Do anything to me, just spare me children!'

6) The guys are Canadian Tire ads are getting hotter.

7) I am still in the lead for the TV Times Corrie Knitting Issue.

Ska on the Street

Today we share the Corrie love with Corrie Blog who have linked to our Sunita's sari posting. (It’s okay to click this entry without seeing the entire site and spoilers.)

Yesterday, Corrie Blog posted a reggae/ska version of the Coronation Street theme tune, an instrumental by Izzy Royal. Clickez ici to listen.

Cheers, Corrie Blog.

No Corrie

Last night's Corrie was pre-empted for the fall of the gov't, blah-de-blah... It pisses me off. I would rather watch Corrie than ANYTHING to do with gov't.

Separated At Birth: Ian Davenport & Dominic Da Vinci

Left: Ian Davenport (Philip Bretherton) from Coronation Street
Right: Dominic Da Vinci (Nicholas Campbell) from Da Vinci’s Inquest and Da Vinci’s City Hall

Separated at birth?

What might happen if they reversed roles? Ian shows up on Da Vinci’s Inquest and Da Vinci shows up on Corrie?

Monday, November 28, 2005

Breaking News: Opposition Motion Defeats Coronation Street!

This is breaking news from the CBC newsroom. Tonight the opposition parties united to preempt 'Coronation Street' for viewers in Ontario and Qu├ębec.

Ray Langton's fate: unknown!

Steve's hot new love interest: unseen!

Katy Harris: still at large!

Chesney Brown: still beating up Roy Cropper!

The Baldwins: Missing and presumed Cockney!

Shelly Unwin: Missing and presumed a doormat!

Charlie Stubbs: Missing and presumed an arsehole!

Tracey Barlow: Missing and presumed bitchy!

Also, tomorrow there is an election of some kind to be called. Bono could not be reached for comment.

Coronation Street Phone Cards

4 special edition phone cards from Swiftcall in Ireland.

2DTV Does Coronation Street

Coronation Street stars

Pub Football (EastEnders vs. Coronation Street)

Images via 2DTV

Sunday, November 27, 2005


G'won. Tell us what's up with Kay-eh.

Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down

Happy Face biscuit

Over at NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown, the results of the Biscuit Poll are in.

Tell us your favourite.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Irish Eyes

Tonight, while taking Amy out for a stroll at the Red Rec, Steve meets a young single mother, played by Nora-Jane Noone, an Oirish beauty who was most notably seen in The Magdalene Sisters. The photo for Eye Weekly was taken by Neil Graham at Dora Keogh Irish Pub on the Danforth in Toronto. Day-um, she's foxy.

Steve: Hey, your accent, that's Irish. My dad's Irish. He's a great guy. Loves the Blue Jays.

Louise: Does he live near here?

Steve: Well, no. Uh, he's in prison. He, uh, killed a guy.

Okay that conversation didn't happen.

An upcoming actress suddenly shows up on the Street. Gee, I wonder if we'll be seeing more of her.

More Corrie eBay Goodness

And speaking of other Corrie blogs, The Corrie Blog (spoilers, ho!) points us to official Coronation Street pound notes for sale on eBay. Chances are the 3 pound note features a portrait of Cilla Brown.

Yahoo! Finance does not (yet) offer the rate of conversion from Bank of Weatherfield pounds to Canadian Tire dollars.

More Coronation Street Blogs

NOTE: Both Soaplife and Corrie Commentary blogs contain SPOILERS!

Soaplife, a new blog from Dublin, is “A weekly look at two of the most popular British Soaps, "Eastenders" and "Coronation Street", with comments, analysis, reviews and general waffling.”

Corrie Commentary has been around since June 2005. Check it out for hilarious Coronation Street updates, as witnessed by real Northerner, Frank.

Another great Corrie blog, CDN Corrie Street Wrapup has gone on hiatus. Why? Because the fabulous GoBetty is contributing now on our very own Corrie Canuck. Go Betty, go!

Corrie eBay Item of the Day

Getting married? “Think how impressed friends and relatives would be if you told them you were wearing the actual wedding sari from Coronation Street.”

Sunita’s wedding sari is up for auction, complete with guarantee of authenticity from Granada Studios.

Just keep your eyes open for uninvited wedding guests.

George Best: The Mystery Man on Ian Davenport’s Wall

Back in October I asked, "Who is the guy on the left in that photo in Ian Davenport’s office?"

Corrie Canuck readers suggested it could be a Greek Orthodox priest, Osama after he bought his top range model from Eeeen, the lead singer in Stench of Death, or Rasputin.

But it was eagle-eyed Geoff who tipped us off that it might be footballer George Best.

Right you are Geoff! The photo was created by Stephen Hyde of Famous Friends Ltd.; a business that takes pictures of friends or family and merges them alongside their favourite stars.

Speaking of George Best, the BBC reports that he is close to death and is no longer receiving treatment to keep him alive.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Equal Rights for Gingers!

The conversation over at Shatnerian has turned to Britain’s mistreatment of racial minorities: specifically ‘gingervitis’ i.e. discrimination against redheads.

All you Gingers stand up for your rights! Join Red and Proud today. Their aim is to celebrate and promote the lot of the Redhead.

You’ll be in good Coronation Street company. Sam Aston (our Chesney) won the 2004 "Redhead of the Year" award. And Jennie McAlpine (our Fiz) was the 2002 recipient for "Redhead Female of the Year."

Wot? No Grave Cam?

Anyone else notice that the grave cam shot was noticably absent from Tommy's graveside service? Perhaps there is still one to come...

Yana Turns on the Town

Jayne Tunnicliffe (our Yana Lumb) was greeted by hundreds of fans as she switched on Bridlington's Christmas lights.

UK’s Stupidest Accidents

Ever brushed your teeth …with hair removal cream, or disappeared down a manhole while checking-out a passer-by? These are just two confessions from red-faced Brits that were considered for the Tesco Life Insurance ‘Everyday Hall of Shame’.

Corrie eBay Item of the Day

Does it get any more exciting than this? Act now! Only 2 days left to bid on this Coronation Street pencil with Rovers Return topper!

If this item has you all atwitter, you’ll love the Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fan Mail (update)

Dear Mr. Barlow,

I've never written a fan letter before, but I just can't resist sending you this.

Mr. Barlow, the way you told your wife that you weren't going on an outing because you simply didn't want to - that was the cooliest. You are so groovy, Mr. Barlow.

Then the way you told Tracey that you weren't going to babysit because - you - didn't - want - to...I thought I might pass out right there and then.

I never thought that could be attracted to man 33 years my senior, but gee, Mr. Barlow you are the keenest.

I, like, wrote 'Mrs. Jacqueline Barlow' a million times last night and made sure that I dotted the 'i' with a heart for good luck. Then I took all that paper and ran to the local make out area and dug a hole and put it in - I just KNOW this will work and then I can come live with you on Cornation Street, and you can take me out to the Rovers, and we can share a hotpot and I can make fun of your ex-wife, but if you ever started to miss her, I'd buy a pair of big glasses.

Hopeless in Toronto.


Dear Mrs. Harris,

You suck. You suck because you didn't turn in the woman who killed your husband.

But you especially suck for raising such a whiny, selfish idiot in the first place.

The Websters invited you over for a nice meal and you had to go ruin it with your complaining about the police not finding the 'real killer'.

C'mon lady! We know who killed J.R.!

Fed Up in Flin Flon


Dear Wee Chesney,

Are you the cutest thing!

The way you pretended not to get any Easter Chocolate so that half the town's folk give you large eggs themselves.

Smiling Nan in Naniamo.


Dear Ms. Barlow,

You are an evil lady but I like your style.

Too bad your 'real' dad doesnt' have any money to leave you. You must be dissappointed, but you seem genuine when you said you were glad to meet him anyhow.

BTW - when your mom asked you to strap Amy in the car and you said, 'Oh can't she just go on the roof?' - that was pretty freaking funny.

Smoking Monkey in Moncton


Dear David,

Getting everyone to believe that Bethany ate 2 large live goldfish - brilliance.

Cranky in Calgary

Happy Birthday, Audrey

SUE NICHOLLS (our Audrey Roberts)

Born: November 23, 1943 in Walsall, Warwickshire

Sue in 1978

Corrie eBay Item of the Day

TV Times Coronation Street All-Star Knitting Special.

That’s our Rita (played by Barbara Knox) on the cover of the May 10-16, 1975 TV Times. Barbara’s first married name was Barbara Mullaney and that’s how she’s credited on the cover of the TV Times.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Karate Chimp

All this talk of martial arts. You leave me no choice but to link to the ever-popular video, Karate Chimp.

Hottest Guy on Corrie

Hands down...sexiest, cutiest, most bed-able, sauciest, most marriagable, dreamiest....

Chesney's karate teacher.

(I especially swooned over the endearingly brutish introduction, 'I don't know how to spell Jujitsu, but I can teach it.')

I'm not sure who the actor is, but I think we've discovered what Mathew Modine has been up to lately.

In other update news...

Tommy Knockers

Tommy's been laid to rest and personally I was hoping that this story line would be too. Friday saw Katydid screaming 'It's all my fault!' before the credits rolled. I thought that she'd confess, the priest would breathe a sigh of relief and the coppers would swoop down on both her and Angie for the murder of Tommy Harris and multiple counts of schmaltz.

However, Ang managed to run up to the altar, press Katydid tightly into her breasts (I think she may have been trying do her in.) and give a touching speech about Tommy.

Craig's gonna be sooooooooo pissed when he finds out the truth. (And on a twisted aside..was it just me or was Craig looking kind of hot at the funeral?)

Oh MY God, They've Killed Kenny!

Just kidding, Ken's still alive - but his nose has been put out of joint and that's got to hurt. He arranged for a family outing the coming sunday to make up for his 'bad boy' behaviour the day before.

It was all set when Ray decided to look sad and ask for everyone to take him to some other resort on Sunday instead. At that point all the women folk ('cepting for Ken) jupmed on that band wagon.

(Personally, cancer or no cancer, I think Ray manipulates and kind of sucks.)

The Rose Knows

Sally is trying to break it off with Ian and still keep her job. Rosie continues down the 'J'accuse!' campagain and good on her!

Bradley Walsh Entertains Her Majesty

Bradley Walsh (our Danny Baldwin) took to the stage at the 77th Royal Variety Performance. In front of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, he joked about urine smelling of Sugar Puffs. He told the audience that the doctor asked, "does it hurt?” to which he replied, "it hurts, I said, when the little plastic toy comes out". Bradley also initiated a Mexican wave with a willing audience.

Full story in the Daily Mail.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

GoBetty Go!

We watched your interview on CBC News: Sunday this morning. It was great! You very well articulated our love for Corrie.

I also loved Molly Johnson's "I Love Steve MacDonald" T-shirt.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Lost Twin

Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee vs. Rosie Webster.

One is a whiny, self-absorbed, brat who has appropriated the Goth subculture as a means of getting attention and whose performance tends to grate, rather than delight.

The other is a character on Coronation Street.

We love Drunk Ken



That is all.

Strasberg 911

I just started watching the Corries I missed while overseas - which mainly deal with the Tommy issue.

Mary, mother of God...these two chickies have taken acting lessons, right?

Cause this is just too god awful to watch.

Right up there with Martin's 'angry' face.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Forgive Me Father...(update)

For I thought my 'real' daddy had other kids who were going to cut into my inheritance. But then I found out that his dutch girlfriend lost the baby - which means I'm the only fruit of his loin $$$$. I'm such a bitch - really I am.

For I thought that a construction paper badge with the words 'Community Watch Official' written on it in Pencil Crayon would make people take me more seriously and stop calling my 'Doris'.

For I helped cover up the fact that my daughter killed my soulmate by hiding the murder weapon in his casket - thereby ensuring that his final wish of wanting to be cremated and his ashes spread over a football field will never be realized.

For I confessed all this to you in some kind bad 'Bells of St Mary' knock off.

For I sang the theme to Bonanza with my 2 best geriatic mates.

For I've somehow convinced myself that Louis L'amore is somehow trashier than Hard Grindings.

For I apologized the the gaggle of life destroying harpies for the fact that I got drunk and said the words that I've been wanting to say for 30 years.

For I confessed to my daughter that I am actually sleeping her best friend's father - but I did it all for my family.

For I actually watched Katydid do her best canatonic daughter bit without pounding back a fifth of vodka.

Pamer's Poll - Need it's Own Entry

And because I need to bug him....I'd like to say that I've examined the list and would like to add my two cents worth.

The Cougar in me would like to point out that there are a few other nice pieces of Totty on Corrie - the over 18 set.

Maya (even mad Maya)
Sally (bitch but still cute)

So just keep that in mind when giving your input.

Now - Pamer's poll:


Let's rate shall we....just the Totty for now.
If any of you like Eileen or Angela or Gail feel free to add them.


the smaller of the Twins


Smaller Twin


Smaller Twin

Best Roll in the Hay

Fuzz :)
Smaller Twin
(no Katie...she's underage)

Best Hair

Smaller Twin (pigtails? come ON!)

10:58 AM

Pamer's Poll

I'd like to bring your attention to a poll that our Pamer is conducting in the comments section of a previous posting. Scroll down to the "No Nudity for Nikki" posting from Thursday, November 17, and click on the comments. Add your opinion.

Our Lynda Sykes: Where Is She Now?

Remember when Mike Baldwin married golddigger Lynda Sykes? And how she was shagging his illegitimate son Mark?

Former Coronation Street actress Jacqueline Chadwick (nee Pirie) opened her own academy of performing arts just eight weeks ago and is already planning to open further branches. More here on the Jacqueline Chadwick Academy of Performing Arts in the North West.

Coronation Street Anime

Image from the film Steamboy. Photo via Dead Robot.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

No Nudity for Nikki

Despite being a favourite with the lads’ mags, Corrie’s Nikki Sanderson (Candice) reckons she’d never take all her kit off for a photoshoot. ‘Not unless it was one of those charity things,’ she blushes. ‘But I don’t think I’d even do it then with my boobs out. I’m not confident enough to do nude.’

Source: Soaplife

In the Doghouse

Photo via Evergreen Garden Buildings

So long, Sonia

Oh, Sonia. How we'll miss ye. Your sense of humour, your ability to drink, your singing voice. Good luck in becoming a red coat at Butlin's, whatever the hell that is.

Does anyone remember a few years back, when the Harrises were new the Street, and Martin went to a barbeque. That's when Kay-eh first set her eyes on him but nothing yet had happened. At said BBQ, Sonia got quite flirty with Martin, who gently rebuffed her advances. A short while later, he was hooking up with a minor.

Can you all imagine how much happier we'd all be if he ended up going home with Sonia that night?

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

Norway and tales can be found here.

Okay, so I saw my first real episode last night and after seeing what is going on in the Harris household...looks like it was a good time to be out of the country.

Last night..

Angela screams and cries
Katy screams and cries

And the writers, in a sweeping act of compassion, allow the viewers some release from the house of bad acting by letting us live vicariously through Ken Barlow who gets stinking blotto shit faced at the Rovers.

He came home staggering and gave all the women in house a bit of home truth, girlfriend - letting each of them know how god awful they are.

And I've never found him more attractive. You go, Ken! Go Ken! Go Ken!!

(Although I did worry for one bit that he was going to come on to Violet.

It's Blanche's turn for the book club and she can't decide between the story of a women who is being falsely accused of the murder of her husband, or 'Mandingo'.

Perhaps go with Mandingo.

Oh, and Ken's rant about the book club? Mean - but funny!

In other news, Sally is still getting jiggy with Ian - Sophie knows it and is hella pissed.

(John, this just another example of the decay of our society.)

Thanks to all for the updates. The good news is that I don't have to live through 'Katydid-it'.

Bad news - my vcr worked and like a bad car crash, I will be unable to not look.

Soundtracks For Your Sendoff

A survey of the UK’s favourite funeral music reveals that pop songs and film theme tunes (including the theme from Coronation Street) are almost as likely to be chosen at funerals as hymns.

Over to you now, readers. What tune do you want played at your funeral? And what is the appropriate piece of music for Tommy Harris’s sendoff?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Make It Stop!

Before I wear out the mute button on my remote, someone please give Katy a sedative.

Coronation Street Waxworks

waxing Bradley

Bradley Walsh (our Danny Baldwin) will appear as a life-size model in a waxworks exhibition. He posed for more than an hour at Louis Tussaud's Waxworks in Blackpool.

And for 20 minutes of that, he had to keep perfectly still when he was having an ice-cold blancmange-type material applied to his face.

The Manchester Evening News reports that wax sculptor Mike Conroy was full of praise for the actor's patience.

Mike had to follow up the "blancmange" with a layer of plaster and also take detailed measurements of Walsh's face before he could start work on the dummy itself.

He also had to measure his chest, waist and hips to make sure that the dummy's body is in perfect scale with its head.

But Walsh, who was once a professional footballer with Brentford, sat patiently through it all.

"I've quite a busy schedule," Bradley said, "so sitting perfectly still for 20 minutes was a great opportunity to have a rest."

Waxwork Roy and Hayley Cropper at Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks in Blackpool

To see more waxwork Corrie characters, visit

But wait! There’s more! To see the ghost of Ena Sharples at Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks, visit the Ghost Research Society.

And finally, for Little Britain fans; a waxwork Lou and Andy.

Our PM Visits Canadian Tire

Rick Mercer spent a day in Ottawa with Prime Minister Paul Martin. If you missed last night’s Mercer Report you can click here to see “Rick and Paul’s Trip to Canadian Tire.”

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Angie, I Still Love You Baby

The episodes of late have featured a lot of crazy-crazies - lots of Katey losing her marbles, and lots of Ang screeching at Katey to hold it together lass! Last night was no different. But there was a quiet moment when Ang, Katey and Craig were all sitting around reminiscing about nice things that happened in their lives. Ang pulled out a wedding photo of her and Tommy and I swear to god, as a young girl Ang looks exactly like - the spitting image of - Katie Holmes (allegedly carrying Tom Cruise's baby and currently his beard). Did anyone else notice this? Ang was drop dead gorgeous in that photo.

Mangled Manners

“When you break wind, it’s ‘pardon me,’ not ‘that’s better out than in.’”
-- Vera Duckworth (to Jack)

The British are "slobs" who lack basic table manners, according to a survey.

A new book has been published just in time to rescue the Brits and all the rest of us. ‘Talk to the Hand: The Utter Bloody Rudeness of the World Today, or Six Good Reasons to Stay Home and Bolt the Door’ is written by Lynne Truss, author of the best-selling 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves.' This time, Lynne turns her attention to the lack of civility and good manners in modern society.

And now over to you, Corrie Canuck readers. Who do you think is the Coronation Street character most in need of a manners makeover?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Belated Updated

This will be a quick overview so we'll start with the patricide and its aftermath.

Katy killed Tommy with a big wrench and Angela, having seen it, decides to protect her daughter and cover it up. Things do not go well. Craig thinks Martin did it. Katy almost convinces herself of the same, between bouts of uncontrollable shaking and sobbing. Martin is arrested, interrogated, and let go but folks on the street are still suspicious, even Gail for spell, who ought to know a thing or two about sleeping with murderers. Angela tries to dispose of the murder weapon, only to discover she's being watched by the police and deduces that she's a suspect in her husband's death.

Meanwhile, Sally tries to use the murder to deflect suspicion of her dirty, dirty affair. Cow.

Meanwhile, Tracy's estranged dad and ex-husband of Deidre, returns to the street only to announce that he's dying. Blanche, Ken, and Tracey are unimpressed and wish him to leave. Deidre takes pity on him and Emily, being a "Christian lady," lets him stop at hers, much to the consternation of Norris, who is displeased that his favourite chair being monopolised by Ray.

Danny tells Warren to keep it in his pants to see if it'll help score more goals. Then he decides Warren should stay away from Leanne as well. It's all quite pointless, really but there it is. It happened. And I don't believe I've ever seen a family openly discuss their children's sex lives as much as the Baldwins.

Sean's hypnotist ex-boyfriend Louis ("Lookintotheeyes. The eyes, the eyes. Notaroundtheeyes...") returns to tell him that their dog, Shandy died. Sean is distraught and sings at a funeral that seems to parody the Tragic Death of Billy the Fetus. Louis also attempts to hypno-cure Jason of his fear of heights and Eileen of her crisps addiction. Then Jason plays a joke on Sean by telling him that Louis hypno-gayed him and that he now truly loves Kylie Minogue. ("And you're back in the room." )

Les and Cilla swan off on holiday, leaving Chesney on Hayley and Roy's doorstep where they are soon joined by Schmeical. Roy has had a fear of dogs ever since, as a child, his hamster was eaten by one. Chesney also manages to scam double suppers off of them, explaining that Cilla starves him on purpose, hoping he'll stay small enough to be a jockey. After a talk with Fiz, Hayley wises up to his tricks. I hope he stays with them forever.

Claire is in training to be a bus driver (follow that rainbow, girl!). Ashley has a specs fetish. Scooter is still boring.

Oh yeah, Tim Horton's has a new chicken sandwich with a zesty sauce that's ... zesty. NotClint Eastwood likes it like that. Eunnnh! And on a focaccia bun. Fo-ca-ccia.


This is a plea for any of our contributors to write an update/summary for the goings-on in The Street for the past couple of weeks. Jacqueline will be back from Norway tomorrow so we need to get her up-to-speed as she's had nothing but Scandinavian soaps while she's been away. I still haven't quite caught up with the taped episodes I missed while I was on vacation so if anyone could help, it would be appreciated. Cheers.


What’s the story here with Roy and Cilla? Post your caption in the comments section.

Corrie on the Catwalk

Wash and wear hair is set to make a comeback. Funnily enough, it's the old-fashioned shampoo and set, beloved of Coronation Street's Hilda Ogden, that's behind many of the most glamorous looks from the catwalks.

Weatherfield style. Not an oxymoron anymore.

Happy Birthday, Prince Charles

Born: November 14, 1948 at Buckingham Palace

Coronation Street fan His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, KG, KT, GCB, OM, AK, QSO, PC, ADC, Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland, celebrates his 57th birthday today.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

From the Cobbles to the Jungle

Sean Wilson, our Martin Platt, is heading to the jungle for a brief stint on the reality TV show I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!. Wilson will join such giants of show business as Dennis Rodman, Jimmy Osmond, and, uh, Margaret Thatcher's daughter.

Original article here. No spoilers for the current storyline but the website has pop-ups galore.

Top 10 Guy-On-Guy Onscreen Kisses

Here’s a couple of kisses that should have made the list . . . . .