Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Wisdom of Norris Cole

“We should be like worms. Able to procreate with ourselves.”


Anonymous said...

good lord noooooo! we'd be boinking ourselves silly and be even more over populated than we are currently!
good karma to you SfootX

Pamer said...

the thing is... worms don't have sex with themselves. There has to be two worms exchanging sexual fluids.

What I think the writers were trying to get across was that Norris is a tool...

Maybe what they meant to say was that if you cut off a portion of a worm it will continue to live on as another worm...but that's not procreation...more like simple cloning.

Now I'm the tool

Pamer said...

geeeeez...i'm wrong! I AM a tool.

Note to self: research first, then leave a comment, doi!!

GoBetty said...

Fucking Doris.