Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Welcome Me!

Hi Everyone,

I had a lovely time last night at The Feathers. Sorry I had to dash early... I was literally in bed and asleep about 25 minutes after leaving the pub. I'm very interested in any future gatherings including Robbie Burns / poetry reading / addressing / eating haggis, drinking, smoking, knitting, more Corrie, etc. Fun wrap-ups and observations are coming your way. Ta-ra,



Jacqueline said...

It's true, Betty was home and in bed within 25 minutes.

I know because I left with her to walk down to the store.

Except she was doing a kind of speed/walk run ahead of me. I tried to call out to her to get her to wait for me.

Sadly, my shouts of 'Go Betty!' made her speed up.

Pamer said...

That's too funny LOL