Thursday, October 20, 2005

Welcome Aboard and Bon Voyage

Welcome Aboard

So the good news is that John (Shatnerian) jumped on board as co-author. Much applause.

Now's a good time to tell him that I lied about obligations to Corrie Canuck and I actually expect hourly postings with exciting Corrie content.

So John, please get busy.

Bast will also be joining us soon. (Don't worry dear, I wouldn't lie to you.)

Bon Voyage

On Nov 1st I'll be travelling overseas for a two week stay so I need someone to fill in for the Corrie updates.

Any takers?

This is especially important because I will have zero Corrie access for two weeks as I will be in Northern Norway.

I will have, however, access to the very, very popular Norwegian Soap, 'Pilestradet' - all about the daily going ons of the average Norwegian trying to make do on $83,000 US a year.

I'll be sure to provide a full report back on Gunnar, Lars and Nina - don't you worry possums!

(and ignore the fact that the flags in the back are actually Swedish...this was from the episode when the swedes came to town for the ski competition and were promptly defeated by Team Norway. Yeah...that's it.)


Johnnie B said...

Can I stow away in your suitcase for this trip to Norway? I can then go see my friend in Tromso.

Jacqueline said...


There's a good chance that I'm actually going to Tromso. Do you want me to take anything to him/her?

Johnnie B said...

Yea, me! :D hahaha

Nahh, but take lots of photos! I'd love to see them.

Radmila said...

When you're in Finland, make sure you check to see when the wife carrying competitions start.