Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Weatherfield Generation Gap Blues

Boy Scout / Goth

Tommy tells Craig that he should climb into one of his mom’s frocks and that he’s becoming ponsified.

Angela: What about Marc Bolan? He was never without his makeup bag and he’s had more girlfriends than your dad’s had meat pies.

pretty boy glam rocker Marc Bolan

Angela: (to Tommy) It’s a bit of nail varnish for heaven’s sake.

Tommy: Yeah, I bet that’s what Hayley Cropper’s mum said and all.

If you want to join Craig and his “Companion in Darkness” Rosie, why not consider choosing a Goth name?

And for those of you wishing to combine the Goth lifestyle with Coronation Street, we’ve found a community just for you. DO NOT click on this site if you hate SPOILERS . . . Corrie Goths.

O ‘eck. What’s it matter since the world’s going to end on March 17th anyway?

Corrie Canuck Predicts: Next totty on the Street . . . Rosie Webster discovers PVC and corsets!


Jacqueline said...

'Beautiful Disgrace'

I am!

Although, my current hair colour is pink - so I think I'm out of the goth pool right now.

Pamer said...

I am "Dead on Arrival". Pleased to meetcha.