Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Update - Oct 17, 2005

Okay - whew....

Websters Wobble But They Don't Fall Down

Sally, Sally, Sally....what kind of freakin' mess have you got yourself into?

Last week saw Rosie and Craig on the verge of 'doing it' because of the upcoming end of the world on March 17th. They were caught out by a condom in Craig's jacket and it soon discovered Rosie it got it from Sally's purse.

Sally came around asking Tommy not to say anything to Kev about the condom - and - well it doesn't take a degree in sneakology to know something's up and Tommy has let Sally know that he knows as much.

Then we see Ian's ex-secretary comes in like the Mistress of Christmas Past to warn Sally of Ian's track record with secretaries/bits on the side. 'Women are just like cars to him, each year a new model....each year a new model....each yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.....'

So the last we see of the Websters has Sally bawling her eyes in complete breakdown mode out whilst Kev tries to comfort her about the 'difficult customer' she had that day.

Two notes

#1 - Sophie is really funny. The Queen Victoria bit cracked me up. I'm hoping the new actress means she will get more coverage on the street.

#2 - So Kev was in the Rovers and says somethign about going home to spend time with his wife (wink wink nudge nudge) to which Tommy says, 'If it pleases her.' Then Kev lets out this very macho guffaw like, 'Oh, don't you worry mate, it pleases her.'

Whoa Kev - who knew you had it in you? You tiger you! Grrrrrraow!

Jacqueline dips her hand into her glass and sprinkles cold water over her face.

Scooter Does a Body Good

What's up with this guy? I'm not quite sure if he's a good thing or just weird.

He is intent on turning the Tilsey/Platts back yard into some kind of junk yard amusement park.

Can we expect to see the 'Weird Homes' crew visiting in the near future?

Dude, Where's My Schmeical?

Cilla was good enough to go get the dog from the 'kidnappers' by herself and we see her rushing off with 250 shoved down her sisters.

Boy and Dog are reunited but Fizz is suspicious. She's even more suspicious when she finds an newspaper with more holes than Les's underwear.

1 + 1 = Cilla's a bag who made up the ransom herself.

So Fizz demands the money back or else she'll tell Chesney what's up...Cilla agrees and even throws in some footwear to 'boot'.

(AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - Jacqueline cracks herself up.)

BTW the water stained home needs a visit from HGTV too. Maybe they can get a 2-4 with the Websters house of smoke.

My Fair Deidre

Last week Ken proposed to Deidre.

This week he told her how the marriage makes good economic sense with his pension, will, etc.

She told to jump in the lake that if he wasn't marrying her for love, she didn't want to get married.

Jacqueline is baffled by this reasoning....he clearly asked you to marry you in the throws of sentiment, he's been living with you for god knows how long...and you are dumping him because he's taking care of your financial issues? Call me Zsa-Zsa, but that just makes him all the more of a catch.

Funniest Corrie Line this year?

Deidre, 'I know I'm on the wrong side of 40?'

Yes, 51 usually is considered the wrong side of 40.

Three Stone In a Fountain

Charlie is so messed up.

He's telling her that weight doesn't matter. (AND Cieran - you are now the sexiest man on the show for the 'she's got a smashing figure' comment)

He's taking her out for pizza

He's telling her that the hard part will be to keep the weight off.

Oh just stop already!


Anonymous said...

Did you see Kevin trying to pat Sally's arm when she was having the breakdown on the couch?

Look closely. It looks as though he has a prothesis hand.

Kind of reminded me of that BK commercial where the cop is trying to frisk a criminal with a fake hand so he can eat his burger.

Sally and Kevin equals passion? Um, just can't picture that equation. Not that I'd want to, she says hurriedly...

Anonymous said...

I love Shelley and the actress who plays her but there is no way she's 140lbs as they said tonight. (even with the extra 10 the camera throws on) I'm heavier than that but i'd look like Mary-Kate Olsen beside her.


Jacqueline said...

It's Weatherfield....

Shel's 140

Diedre's in her 40's

Martin is 36.

It's the place where dreams come true.