Friday, October 14, 2005

Tina Takes a Tumble

Tina O’Brien (our Sarah Platt) has done a Madonna — and tumbled off a horse.

She suffered bruising and shock after her mount bolted in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

A source at the stables says: "Tina was really looking forward to the lessons, but her horse went crazy. Tina's only 5ft 1in, and she was thrown off quite hard. Tina ended up with bruises but it could have been far worse.”

Tina was given riding lessons at stables for her 22nd birthday by actor boyfriend Ryan Thomas (our Jason Grimshaw) 21.

Madonna, 47, suffered a broken collarbone, three cracked ribs and a fractured hand when she fell in August.

1 comment:

Bast said...

Stockport is birthplace to Bast! I hear they raise nasty ponies out that way - not at all like the gentle broncs they raise out here in Calgary. Perhaps Tina should sign up for the 2006 Stampede Rodeo??