Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Those of Us of the Haggis Eating Persuasion

Ethnically, I'm a mutt...but in sensibility, every day is an exercising in channelling my grandmother's Roman Calvinist soul.

So from the Wee Book of Calvin, I discovered a very key part of my emotional make-up and why if I were Tommy the sheer pain of my glares would have broken Martin down into an emotional cripple by now.

'You value your fathomless propensity for harbouring a grudge over years, decades or a lifetime, perceiving a form of beauty in the ability to recall a slight or act of wrong-doing against you by an adversary who may have been unconscious of the act which he or she has long forgotten. Nevertheless, you value your ability to distil the memory of this act over time, allowing it to dominate your perception of the individual concerned, who may find you unaccountably reserved or even hostile. Your response to the individual is dominated by a memory of which the individual is unaware but which you have nurtured and perfected to the extent that the individual becomes nothing more or less than the memory of a grudge.'

Anyone else out there who understands this? All my kilt wearing corrie canucks raise your hands in the air and say, 'Aye!'

Let's get a petition together for Scot on Weatherfield. I'm seeing a pensioner who lives completely off of oats or a soccer hooligan.


MJ said...

How about a Scottish-Canadian on the show? Ashley MacIsaac could use the work.

Pamer said...

Ashely would be perfect...not only a Scot-Can but a gay Scot-Can.

Lisa said...

As another Scottish chickie here I don't think Adam cuts it as he is only schooled in Scotland. We need a real Scotsman. Ashley works for me or even Billy Connolly.

Jacqueline said...

I vote for Billy Connolly.

Heard to many 'behind the scenes' about Ashley