Friday, October 21, 2005


Thank God It's Jason.

Don't worry Pamer, we'll get some fem tottie up again soon.

UPDATE - Oct 20/05

Bizarre Love Angle

Sally and Martin? WTF?

I didn't know they were an item before...when her and kev were split. Hmmm, that's just weird and also,


Anyway, Tommy has it in his head that Martin and Sally are having an affair because he's seen Martin talking to her and GOING INTO HER HOUSE!!!

I hope my neighbours are just as vigilant in keeping tabs on me for the hubster.

He's already threatened Martin who is truly baffled.

Every Step You Take

Charlie has managed to split up Shel and Sunita by pretending he thought Shel was in on the dreaded scale scandal.

Shel went into a panic at the thought of losing Charlie and threw a fit at Sunita. Sunita tried to knock some sense into her, but in the end Shel told her she didn't want anything to do with her.

Charlie gives Shel a big hug and says something that one good thing came out of this - we now know we can't trust Sunita.

Well, thank GOD we've straightened that out! I always thought Sunita was a lying cow - you could soooooooo tell. you really could.

Baby, You Can Drive My Bus

Fred apparantly has sustainted a head injury that has him channelling the Connery 1970's Bond - where men are men and women do what they're told - with a swift slap on the bottom.

Neither Ashly nor Fred want Claire to go work for another family when she should be at home taking care of our Joshua. So Fred tells Ashley that Claire WANTS him to put his foot down about her working outside of the home and he needs to tell her that it's simply not on.

He did try to give her a talking to, but I think it was so insane that Claire couldn't actually hear what he was saying. In addition, his voice got so high that only Schmicheal could hear him anyway.

Claire promptly left for her nanny interview, but returned a short time after. She didn't go to the interview because on her way there, she saw an ad recruiting for bus drivers and decided to apply for this because.....

'It's been my dream ever since I was a little girl to drive a tram.'

Jacqueline raises a vodka toast to Claire and screams out, 'You go girl! You follow your champagne dreams!'


- Steve got divorce papers from Karen.
- Jason is insecure about 'sharing' Violet with Sean and Eileen.
- Sal needs to talk to Ian.
- Scooter continues to bring crap over to the Platts.
- Fred joined some card group with the golden agers.


Anonymous said...

No one is upset that CBC is axing the extra 5.5 hours per week? I would have thought that that would be top of the list of new info... Am I the only one writing to CBC?

Anonymous said...

Oops - not a math whiz... it's an extra 3hours a week... sorry

Jacqueline said...

isn't it 2.5 hours?

Anonymous said...

I am a little ticked about that. Hey, if we were good enough for strike fill...

However, I admit sheepishly it was hard to keep up at 5 hours a week. Whole lot of VCR action going on, and when I forgot that, a whole lot of happening.

There was no way I was ever able to get a whole double catch-up session in on Sunday.

I am very glad that we still get it 5 nights a week, which at least is a half hour more than we were getting it pre-strike.

At this rate, I'll 92 when we get to the espisodes where Bethany starts middle school.

GoBetty said...

I love all the Corrie and am sad to be going back to half hours... I would love to be all caught up but sometimes it's funny to know that the shows happened last year or whatever. Their past is our future or whatever. As for hard to keep up - I cannot recommend enough - get the personal video recorder from Rogers (pvr). The PVR is like the TIVO they have in the states. We have digital cable and a High Definition flatscreen (LCD) TV. We have a high definition pvr. We tape loads of stuff and watch it whenever we want. We can tape different things at the same time. It's great fun, but most importantly we never miss a second of Corrie.

GoBetty said...

Hi Guys, just FYI, your evite is for Tues. Oct 25th but your evite reminder email said Wed. Oct 26th for the night at the Feathers... I'm guessing that's still Wed.? And that the reminder was a boo-boo?

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline - In answer to the "isn't it 2.5 hours?" - No, because they do not play it on THURSDAYS... or at least, they didn't used to before they began with the hour shows... however, yeah, if the do play it on Thursdays, it would now be 2.5 hours less per week...

lauren mcmullan said...

ryan thomas is so sxc he rocks my world luv yhoo jason grimshaw