Sunday, October 02, 2005

Stench of Death
I'm loving the back and forth banter between Tommy and Angela whenever the band Stench of Death (which is a real band, BTW) is played or mentioned.
This whole Goth thing is killing me...
I'm liable to laugh myself to death.

Tracy's irritating me with her relentless, desperate persuit of Steve.
I loved Eileen's sex kitten imitation of Tracy just before she bit into the sandwich that Screwball Stalker made for Steve.
It was the little Elvis lip lift that did it for me.

Candice is killing me with her sprayed face and Posh Becks behaviour, "Oh, I can't kiss face has been set".

Oh the comedy!


Serenity Now! said...

That was hilarious, I agree. I laughed out loud. My American husband thinks I'm insane for watching this show. He just does not get it.

Radmila said...

I'm lucky that my husband is just as hooked as I am.
In fact, he was the one who hooked me.
Otherwise, I'd have to fight for the two hours of TV on Sunday since CBC is on strike, it's like Corrie Heaven...4 hours of Corrie.
I'll be upset when they reach an agreement and go back to pre-empting corrie for every stupid thing.