Thursday, October 20, 2005

Snore Award....

Goes to last night's episode.

Sorry, I just was not impressed.

I can update without spoiling anyone's fun.

1) Ken and Deidre are still getting married
2) Tracey is still chasing Steve
3) Karen has still left Steve
4) Jason is still an incomprehensible brute.
5) Sean is still gay
6) Ashly and Claire still have 'mistuderstandings'
7) Scooter still brings Sarah and Bethany garbage as gifts
8) Charlie still psycho and giving menancing looks
9) Shell still a basket case.
10) Violet is still likeable.

That was it. Seriously.

So to make up for that, I've got a treat.

Way back Johnny B. sent me some totty pics for those of us that like the men-folk on Corrie.

I'll start posting them for you enjoyment.


kowy said...

Who's the black guy? He's got them Baldwin boys beat by a long shot.

Jacqueline said...

It confuses me, because Todd is in the pic. Is this Corrie future or Corrie past?

Anonymous said...

That's not Todd is it? It's 1 Baldwin, and 2 guys we hope are moving in!

As for last night's episode, isn't it creepy that everyone seems to accept that Charley is going to go berserk about a couple of pounds?

It's a couple of pounds, for crying out loud! Not the thousands of pounds Ciaran stole from Penny King and the restaurant, and then walked away unscathed.

(Except for the burning blister of betrayal he must now bear forever, courtesy of Trashy Tracy. Sigh....

And yeah, I am hard at work on Hard Grinding II.)

Jacqueline said...

Is it?'re right.

My mistake, it looked like Todd to me, but I was mistaken.

Oh the street is oblivious to a lot. I mean I'm surprised that a group of angry villagers with torches haven't shown up at Tracey's door yet.

mel & james said...

Isn't it 2 Baldwins? That's definitely Jamie and isn't that Adam Baldwin (who just recently got shipped back to Glasgow)?

mel & james said...

P.S. why the unusual and, might I add, inappropriately placed stain on Jamie's pants?

Anonymous said...


Perhaps it is to draw the eye to a certain area...

These soap p.r. people will stop at nothing, I say, stop at nothing!

Lisa said...

It is indeed Adam Baldwin. He's ba-ack. As for the black guy you've got me. They have introduced a new black guy for those of us up to the UK updates but that's not him. More boys please!

Johnnie B said...

Actually the black guy isn't a future character on Corrie, the pictures are from the ITV Soap Hunks 2005 Calendar. So they have Corrie totty and Emmerdale Totty in there. Sorry about any confusion.

Jacqueline said...

I've gots to start watching Emmerdale.

also...oh ADAM!!! I forgot that Adam existed (already).