Monday, October 03, 2005

Run for the Cure

Look who came in to help out!

Oh wait...that's the other fan group.

I think next year I'll go dressed as Bet - i just need to find lyrca leopard skin shorts.

Update for Week of Sept 27,2005

Yes, I've been behind....but here's a brief update of what happened last week.

Charlie's worker, Vince, spent pretty much the entire week tormenting poor Roy.

Roy had more than one breakdowns and when Haley confronted him about it, he told her about being bullied by the vicar's son as a young boy. He told her what this kid would do to him and then told her there was stuff he didn't want to know about.

Jacqueline shudders and starts chain smoking at the darkness of this plot.

Roy calls teh cops which backfires as Vince buddies up with the officer they sent.

In the end Charlie walks into the cafe one evening after Vince has started phyiscally beating Roy. Charlie tosses Vince out, tells him never to show his face again and punches him in the head for good measure.

Charlie to the rescue again.

He is complex non? Or maybe he just has serious alpha male issues. Defender of the village, abuser of wife.

Tommy and Craig
Tommy flipped out when he discovered that Craig had pierced his tongue and demanded that he take it out.

There was a threat that Tommy might go overboard and start embarrassing Craig in front of the Websters - so Tommy agrees to take out the ring.

Angela reminds Tommy (via a punk wig) that he was a youth once too and this is all normal teenage rebellion. Tommy ends up having a nice heart to heart with Craig.

Iain is DEFINATELY getting sexually agressive with Sally - who remains steadfast in her no nookie policy.

What did it get her?

The sack.

Maybe Maya is available for a sexual harassment case.

Fred and Audrey had nice time whilst the youngens were away and seem to have formed a nice friendship.

Ashley and Claire find her earring in the sofa and immediately Ashley is worried that Fred is proposing again.

Fred assures everyone that all is fine.


Remanins a moron.

She's dieting like mad - but not for herself of course - for that man of her.

Jacqueline orders a extra large pizza.

Weatherfield 90210

Candice is cracking me up. She's gone all J-Lo, complete with sunglasses and god awful frocks. My favorite Candice moment is when she wouldn't let Barlow #2 kiss her because she had her face misted on (or some such nonsense) and he would mess it up.

Adam left. and came right back. Looks like he's staying on for a bit - apparantly being the neglected child in the wildes of Scotland is not his thing.


John said...

I don't know where the Roy Cropper bully story is going but it's really beginning to squick me out. As he's my favourite character on the show, I feel bad for the guy, I really do. But seriously, how many times has he kicked everyone out of the café? And yet they come back.

And what's with Charlie? He saves Sunita, tells Jason not to be a homophobe, sees Vince for the bully he is and sacks him but then he turns around starts mentally abusing Sally. Something doesn't add up there.

John said...

Oops. Not Sally, Shelly. If he'd been mentally abusing Sally Webster, he'd be my hero.

Jacqueline said...

Coronation Street Special.

'Battle of the Psychos: Charlie vs. Sally!'


GoBetty said...

Ya, the Charlie thing is complicated.