Friday, October 07, 2005

Roy Cropper: Librarian at Heart

I’ll have my tea with 3 ssshhhugars.

Info pros all over this land must have shuddered last week as Corrie writers perpetuated the old shushing librarian stereotype.

Although contrary to some librarians' opinions, the Librarian Action Figure is a bit of a giggle.

With amazing push-button shushing action!

We never actually see a librarian on Coronation Street, do we? And I don’t recall ever seeing inside the Weatherfield Public Library. Although heaven knows Ken Barlow takes refuge there frequently from the likes of Blanche, Tracy, Deirdre and Wanda.

Roy Cropper, distressed by bully builder Vince, breaks down and reveals his secret yearning to be a librarian. Roy has a yen to guide people to the exact piece of knowledge that they’re searching for, yet he’s serving up bacon butties in the caff.

Hayley is taken aback and confronts Vince…

"Nobody has my husband holed up in our flat wishing he was a librarian! Nobody!"

. . . as if there’s something wrong with being a librarian!

With all this stereotyping and librarian-bashing going on, I heard the sound of shattering glass as librarians coast to coast gasped and dropped their martini glasses.

Here then are a few non-stereotypical librarian links to assuage the Coronation Street-viewing librarians of our nation:

The Lipstick Librarian
She’s bold!! She’s sassy!! She’s helpful!!

The Bellydancing Librarian
Librarians by day; bellydancers by night!

And finally, a link that may come in handy for our Royston Cropper . . .
Butt Kicking Librarians

And here’s an action figure Roy can call his own . . .

Rupert Giles action figure (hero librarian from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Let’s hope we see it on the caff counter next time we drop in.


Lisa Millar said...

Where do you find this interesting shite? I like your brain lady! Until the next Corrie Beverage Fest this is Lisa the WanneBe Librarian signing off...

MJ said...

Ta luv. My business card says, "MJ: Purveyor of Shite"