Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Questoin of the Week and Update

Okay - I think we all know the morally right answer to this question, but let's pretend we throw all the 'doing what's right' nonsense out the window.

Sal's boss Iain is pressuring her into having an affair with him. She has been telling him no. However, I've been thinking there are a few factors to this.

#1 - He's threatening to fire her.
#2 - We've been told that her and Kev are only together for the kids.
#3 - Sal's ambition may be the end of Kev in the long run.
#4 - She doesn't seem NOT attracted to Iain

So given all these factors, do you think Sal should:

a) - Tell Iain to go to hell and leave her job.
b) - Run away with Iain.
c) - Have a low down dirty sneaky affair with Iain on the side.
d) - Call in the lawyers.


Steve and Tracey
Tracey has been SUPER annoying with Steve and all but told him he was taking her out for dinner. He told her once again to jump in a lake.

Later, Liz tries to convince him to go out with Tracey because she is 'A good lass.'

(Jacqueline sprays her tea all over the television set.)

Steve decides that he will take her out and ends up with her at a fancy restaurant where he buys her a flower as a token of his indifference. He basically told her that he can take her wherever she wants but it's still not going to mean anything to him.

Cruel - but apparantly effective.

The Websters
Let me start off by saying that I came home last night to be greeted by my sister saying, 'Shel kissed her boss!'

Shelly kissed Fred?


But then I realized that she meant Sal.

Yes, after much bantering back and forth, including Iain's proposal that instead of running off together, they just have an affair - Sal ended up kissing Iain.

I'm not sure if this was because she's attracted to him or because she wants to keep her job.

Does anyone else wonder if he's serious about her, or if he's just a player who uses these lines with every woman he's interested in?


Ate a french fry and Charlie caught her!

(Jacqueline's gained 15lbs during this story line.)


Yup, she's pregnant. and just sooooooooooooooooooooo excited.

Wait until Martin finds out.

Went into hiding and refused to open the cafe - despite pleadings from Haley.

Haley ends up talking to Fizz who then goes around and tells Roy that he needs to open up the shop again. She tells him how she was bullied all through school and how she stood up to them.

This seems to have doen the trick.

Weatherfield 90210
Mike and Ken had a huge discussion about what Adam should do with his future (school vs. business). In the end Adam decides to go back to Scotland, just to get away from the mad lot that compose his family.


GoBetty said...

I don't want Sally to fool around on Kevin, but somehow this is all going to be blamed on "wanting the best for the children".

John said...

Sally and Kevin made a commitment to each other to be a family for their kids and I think she's violating that commitment. Now, if those two had "an agreement," it would be a different story.

My friend, who has been staying wit us, is getting hooked on the show as we watch every evening. She asked, "I don't see why he doesn't like Tracey. She seems nice enough."

We had to explain about the time she sold her baby to the Croppers.


GoBetty said...

RE: The picture on Ian's wall. I found this over on Corrie.net "Ian has a (badly Photoshopped) photograph of himself with George Best (or possibly the Maharishi) on his office wall"

Jacqueline said...

I just am begining to think that Kev would be better off without her.

I hate watching Corrie Classic because it reminds of when she was - you know - a mensch

GoBetty said...

Sally was a mensch? A decent person who affects the world in admirable ways? (Had to look it up). Neato! And now she pimps herself out for the sake of the kids. Little does Rosie know -- there is something now to really go Goth about.

Jacqueline said...

She used to be very sweet and kind. Clair-esque.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember a time when Sally was Claire-esque!

In any case, this is SO typically Sally. I love the fact that she called Rosie a "slapper" a few days ago...oh, the irony of it all.

Ian Davenport kills me! What a great actor!

Sally's off to break Kevin's heart into a kazillion pieces yet again.

Jacqueline said...

and that is why I'd like to see her run off with Ian. It'd break Kev's heart, but maybe for the last time and then he can find someone normal.