Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Question of the Week

I like Tommy.

I'm sorry - except for his occassional 'provincial' comments, I generally like Tommy. (And perhaps I find him a bit hot.)

But besides that I think my reaction to the whole Martin/Katy thing would probably be dead on to his. (But then again, the Scot in me cherishes and nurtures grudges for inhuman periods of times.) I'm not too proud to say that everytime I looked at Martin, I'd get pissed all over again.

Here's my question to you all.

If you were Tommy or Angela, how would you handle the fact that your 36 year old neighbour has moved is romantically invovled with your 16 year old daughter. (Be honest.)

1) Be pissed, all the time.
2) Seek a quiet revenge
3) Accept the situation knowing that they will eventually break up and you'll need to be there to pick up the pieces.
4) Drink heavily.


kowy said...

I like Tommy. And Angela, come to think of it. They just seem like good people.

If it were MY daughter shacked up with the neighbour...well, first of all, I'd be questioning her sense of TASTE. I mean, c'mon? Martin Platt? Of all the men, she picks HIM?
As her Mom, I'd just be all creeped out and feeling dirty for them. Still, I'd let them stay together, all the while reminding my darling daughter that her boyfriend is kind of a loser/ugly/poor.
Yup....passive-aggressive guilt. The Mothers choice.

MJ said...

You have a Scot in you? Who is he and what is he doing there?

Jacqueline said...

It's Angus McGrudge.

He gives me all my motivation.

John said...

Martin used to be a nice guy but I think the writers have been making him more and more pathetic since he hooked up with Kat-eh. He should have gone off with Sonia when he had the chance at the BBQ all those years ago.

Best Tommy line of this week:

"We are the Goths! We are the Goths! We are, we are, we are the Goths!"

Also how appropriate was it that after Kat-eh told them of her pregnancy, that the two sat there listening to the Specials' "Too Much, Too Young"?

GoBetty said...

3) for sure. Let 'em live. Knowing Martin is so harmless would make it more palatable.

Ginny said...

I'm pretty sure that Martin said he would be 40 on his next birthday.

Ewww, I can't imagine my daughter with the likes of him, but I would have to pick #3 and support my daughter, but with a little #4 thrown in for good measure.

Jacqueline said...

I've heard him say 40, but last night they kept repeating 36.

He REALLY doesn't look 36, but there you are.

I know Kev is 39, and I can't believe Martin is younger than Kev.

God knows how old he's supposed to be.