Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Philip Bretherton

Bretherton as Ian Davenport in Coronation Street

I’m posting this observation from Corrie Canuck reader Blaine McDuane as it was hidden away in the comments section and you may have missed it.

Has anyone noticed that the actor who plays Sally's boss is none other than the fellow who appeared on the hugely popular Brit-com, As Time Goes By, starring Dame Judy Dench and Geoffrey Palmer?

The actor in question portrayed Alistair, a wealthy book publisher who published My Life in Kenya (Palmer's character, Lionel's, memoirs about his African coffee plantation) and subsequently put Lionel on the road to Hollywood fame(?) by getting him to write an autobiographical TV series script about his much-delayed romance with Judy Dench's character, Jean. Got that?

Bretherton (right) as Alistair in As Time Goes By

Unlike our reader Blaine, I have more lowbrow television tastes as you all know by now. I remember Philip Bretherton from Footballers' Wives where he played the role of head coach Stefan Hauser. (If you haven’t already seen Footballers' Wives, be sure to tune in next time Showcase has reruns. It’s trash TV at its finest.)

Bretherton as Stefan Hauser in Footballers' Wives

It turns out that Ian Davenport isn’t Bretherton’s first Coronation Street role. In 1977 he appeared as Rod, a bloke who tried to pick up Gail and her mate Suzie. (First Gail, now Sally. No comment.)

Bretherton appeared on Corrie again in 1991 as dentist Robert Weston.

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