Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Kumars Meet Corrie

Imagine what would happen if The Kumars moved to Coronation Street!

I think this photo of Granny Kumar with Suranne Jones (our Karen) says it all.


Pamer said...

Either I have to subscribe to that channel or buy the DVD

If you go here

You can check out clips of the show, although I couldn't find the one with Suranne.

MJ said...

Pamer: I think this photo may have been taken at an awards show or some other event. Suranne doesn't show up in the episode guides at all. Just warning you that if you subscribe to BBC Canada, you'll also get addicted to EastEnders. (MJ confesses her double addiction.)

Pamer said...

funny you should say that...i've started watching Emmerdale on CBC.

Is that grounds for eviction from this Blog?

To my credit, it was only a couple of episodes and I didn't inhale.