Monday, October 24, 2005

Just say "no" to factory work

Or, as they say in the North, "Nuyuuhh!"

News flash from the BBC: "Coronation Street" is putting British students off of a future in factory work, turned off by the soap's depiction of a unglamourous workplace ruled by chauvinistic bosses:

'Soap opera bosses like Coronation Street's Mike Baldwin are deterring teenagers from taking factory jobs, Welsh academics have claimed.

A report by the North East Wales Institute of Higher Education (Newi) has blamed soap operas for giving factory work a poor image.

ITV's long-running soap Coronation Street was singled out for criticism by the institute.

Newi surveyed 200 teenagers in north Wales and north-west England.

The report, published on Monday, criticised soap operas on UK television as being full of "working-class people doing repetitive badly-paid work at the mercy of an autocratic sexist boss".

It said many students think manufacturing work is "boring, dirty and smelly".'

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Jacqueline said...

And the reality of factory work is glamour and fabulous wages, apparantly.

Woo-Hoo John on your first entry!