Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Jack Duckworth Drank Here

Yes, it’s true! Bill Tarmey (our Jack Duckworth) dropped in for a pint at The Feathers in Toronto. There's a photo of Jack on the wall of the pub. I’ll point it out if you come on down to . . .

Toronto Corrie Canuck Pub Nite!

Reminder to mark your calendars.

Tuesday, October 25

The Feathers
962 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON
Phone: 416. 694. 0443


Only one more week!

I’m travelling approximately 4,500 km to get to pub nite so I hope to see you there.

Get there early before you find me looking like this . . . . .


Anonymous said...

The Bill Tarmey story reminds me of seeing a Sue Nicholls, Helen Worth photo on the wall of Formerly the Blackball Hilton in Blackball, New Zealand. I nearly had a heart attack thinking they'd actually been there as well but alas, it was taken by someone from the hotel when they were visiting Greymouth which is just down the road.
come to think of it, I'm not sure why I was so excited at the thought of being someplace they've been since i've walked the Corrie cobbles on my Manchester visit in 1999. D'oh. I guess it was the surprise of it all.


Lisa said...

I am so there. Anyone else?