Friday, October 07, 2005

Invasion of the Pasties

Not that kind of pasties!

This kind of pasties

Expat Brits are queuing up to open pasty shops instead of bars in Spain, it emerged today.

Barry Yates, whose Spanish Pasty Shack business also supplies to supermarkets and clubs said: "People have been queuing up outside the door waiting for it to open up."

"The Spanish have taken a liking to the pasties - first going for the cheese and onion, but then other varieties, which include chicken and vegetarian."

Cornish pasty firm Crantock Bakery opened up its first shop at Orihuela on the Costa Blanca on Tuesday and is doing a roaring trade in the land of paella and tapas.

"I was in their shop yesterday and even the Spanish were eating the pasties - they like cheese and onion," said Crantock’s export manager Leigh Loomes.

"We have put ads in the papers out there looking for people to run their own pasty shops and the interest has been phenomenal.

“Just yesterday I interviewed five people in Spain who are interested in opening up shops."

Spain is just the latest stage in Crantock’s pasty invasion of Europe - they already export to Gibraltar and Berlin.

The pasty - normally packed with potato, veg and meat - was originally created to meet the needs of the Cornish tin miners.

The portable beef and vegetable snack sometimes had jam in one end to serve as dessert.

News source: The Sun


big_girlfeet said...

ha that is too funny! my mum makes these all the time and i *just* asked her for the recipe!! yum! i like the beef, potato, and carrot variety myself.
although jam in one end? eek! no can do.

Anonymous said...

Does any of you Corrie fans have the recipe for Betty's Hot Pots?