Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm Still Picking Cranberry Sauce Out of My Hair

Happy post-Turkey day one and all.

The debate at our home is always how veggie we can be - can we forgo the annual turkey? And each year the answer is no.

So needless to say, I'm noshing on turkey leg as I type this.

I was lax on the Friday update and I can only blame the vodka.

Regardless, I think the biggest gossip is freakin' Charlie. When Dev found out about him overcharging for the contract work, he canned Charlie's sad ass.

Charlie needless to say was feeling a bit low and needed to cheer himself up by blaming someone else for his actions. He had to think long and hard...surely someone ELSE was responsible for him losing the job.


Hang on....

Hey, Shel! That's right - Shel is to blame because she obviously told Sunita who told Dev about the overcharging.

In one of the most disgusting scenes of the year, Charlie critized Shel for taking the earrings that he had purchased with money earned from his business - then he RIPPED the earrings from her ears! Mr. Glacia was yelling at the telly (Which was odd because you know, according to him he never pays attention to that damn show.)

They did their usual kissy make up which was gross - especially how Shel did this 'we're soulmates' schtick.

On Friday we saw Charlie decide to help out Shel with her diet. He decided to put up a chart in the pub to mark her progress and would make a donation to some charity for every pound (or whatever) Shel lost.

Jacqueline started throwing pie at the telly.

I don't know if I really dig this story line. This is getting a bit to reality television for me.

Corrie has always prided itself on having 'real' story lines - but sometimes I find it's too real. Babies dying and domestic violence really get me down. Anyone else get like this?

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loulou said...

Is it ik for me to be mad at Shelly for putting up with this freak? I think it's pretty obvious that he's nuts.
And what's with he and Violet? She always seems to get a funny look on her face when he's around.