Wednesday, October 19, 2005

If I had a Million Dollars

I'd buy the whole collection.

Question of the Week.

I've noticed that Weatherfield is a place where people magically become younger, thinner versions of themselves.(I base this on the fact that Shel is supposed to be 140lb and our Deidre is suppose to be in her 40's.)

People also seem to be able to drink and smoke like crazed monkeys without any ill effects.

I think Corrie is where good soap opera fans go when they die.

If you lived on Corrie Street what magical transformations would you go through?

Myself, I'd be a hella rich, fabulous diva who was the ultimate gay icon. In that world I will remain 39 and vodka will pour freely out of my kitchen tap.

Of course, my beauty, strength and overall sex appeal will turn Charlie around. I will be the one woman able to tame his badass-ness.

Go on, tell us yours.

UPDATE for Oct 18, 2005

Give Him a Valentine's He'll Never Forget

It's Valentine's day on Corrie and Sal has decided to celebrate by telling Kev that she's shagging her boss.

It was brill, cause he was all dressed up, happy and ready for a night out on the town. He had that puppy excited about going out for 'walkies' look. You could practically hear his tail wagging. (I was kind of hoping she might also do it in front of girls, just to give it an extra touch of bad timing.)

In the end she decided not to and realized that the best way out of this mess is just to continue on with the affair with Ian.

She had already told Kev that she was in no mood for dinner and he went to drown his troubles at the Rover. Then up pops Sally, 'C'mon Kev, let's go now. Get yourself together.'

He looked like he might actually choke her right then and the whole Ian situation might get resolved in homicide anyway.

Charles in Charge

I'm not sure who I'm hating more at this point - Charlie or Shel.

What in the HELL is wrong with her?

He had set up this big do where she was going to get her final weigh in at the Rovers. She was 2lbs over and looked like she would have to be institutionalized. After saying that she didn't want to go ahead with the public weigh in, Charlie told her to basically suck it up and get it over with.

Meanwhile, Sunita changed the scale so that it was 2lbs lighter and when Shel got on, it was revealed that she reached her target.

Drinks all around, spa trips handed out, money given to charity and much groaning by Jacqueline.

Charlie found out that the scale had been changed and confronted Violet about it who told him that Sunita had changed it.

He then twirled his mustache, adjusted his stove top hat, wrapped his cape around him and set off to tie Sunita to a railway track somewhere.

My Heart Belongs to Deidre

Long story short...Tracey smacks some sense into Ken after he refuses to go to the Rovers with Deidre.

He rescues her from a night at the Rovers with Blanche and takes her out to propose in the rain - down on one knee nonetheless. (It reminded me of 'Say Anything' and the only thing that ruined it was when he broke a hip trying to get up again.)

Oh yeah, he also got a whack of valentines from the founding members of the 'Ken Barlow Geriatric Pussycat Fan Club'.


Steve got a valetines day card from Tracey and an anonymous one who he thought was from Karen. Turns out it was from Kelly. (WTF?). He thought she was making fun of him and got cross - then later went to apologize.

There's a confusing story with Chelsey buying Cilla a card on Les's behalf and then both Les and Cilla thinking it came from another man.

More interesting was the fact that he used Cilla's toothbrush on Schmicheal.

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