Friday, October 28, 2005


i'm crying cause i'm not bette!

Which Corrie Character are you?


kowy said...

Apparently, I'm Vera Duckworth.
Dammit...I wanted to be Frankie.

Eigh up lass, will tha stop talking for a moment? Ha! We’re only joking, but if you’re anything like our Vera we’re predicting that you enjoy a bit of banter when the time is right.

You may be a bit cheeky at times (especially after a few in Rovers), but know tha have a heart of gold and will think nothing of putting yerself out to help out someone in need. This is a right noble thing to do, especially considering your Corrie alter ego’s pedigree.

After all we all know she’s related to royalty, albeit from wrong side of blanket and you may well have a posh bird inside you, even if you’re happy being one of the lasses most of the time.

Our Vera is always quick to put her other half in his place and we think you’ve got the determination to be able to get your point across in matters of the heart; regardless of whether you’ve married for years or simply fancy the new barman at Rovers. After all, men like women to take the initiative at times, especially in the bedroom…!

Jacqueline said...

For those who couldn't make out my Shelly-ness

Eigh up lass, pour us a pint of Newton and Ridley would yer? If you’re anything like our luscious Shelley you ‘ave a feisty determination with a winning smile, when it counts.
All the lads love a barmaid and yer certainly no exception, even if your only experience of pouring drinks is cracking open a bottle of wine on a Friday night. We bet that you’re approachable, chatty and always up for a laff.

However, you probably have a tougher side so you can hold your own in an argument, especially one with yer Mum! Parents can sometimes be the hardest people to get along with as you share the same traits, but we can’t see you duelling behind the bar with yer Mum at Rovers - even if there’s a man involved!

You may have had yer share of bad experiences with men, but we think you’ll be wise enough not to tar all men with the same brush. In fact, just like Shelley, you may even consider dating overweight comedians, but only if they’re really funny. If he doesn’t come up to scratch you’ll just call time and leave him thirsting for more.

John said...

JOHN, you're Corrie's Roy Cropper!

Eigh up lad, we can tell you’re both intelligent and sincere, the worrying news is that if you follow Roy’s example too closely you may have a soft spot for anoraks.

Poor Roy is not renowned for being the life and soul of parties, but this could be because all his grey matter doesn’t leave much room for social skills.

While we’re not accusing you of having the same problems, there may be times when you can be slow in stepping forward at social events, especially when you’re meeting new people.

This is not a problem because your genuine warmth and caring nature bridges those gaps when words tend to fail you. However, it may be wise to keep any passion you may have for trains and engineering to yourself when yer trying to impress tha neighbours!

Now don’t feel that we’re getting at you because we know that you’re nobody’s fool and can tell we’re only joking. Actually some lad in Rovers were telling t’other day how anoraks are coming back into fashion!

Geoff said...

Ken Barlow.

There's something wrong. He's had an infinitely more interesting life than me.

Anonymous said...

I'm Shelley, which means -- I GET CHARLIE!!!!

And I can change him, I know I can... :)

Jacqueline said...

I've been singing that song for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

beggy said...

Another Vera Duckworth here, lol.

Ginny said...

I'm sure the civic election is coming up... hmmm, maybe I'll have to enter the race.

Ginny, you're Corrie's Audrey Roberts!

Eigh up lass, we know you’re a cut above the rest of the people in yer street because your Corrie alter ego is an ex-Mayoress!

However, you may need a rather large mouth if you have something else in common with Audrey, as she is known to place her foot in hers with astonishing regularity. This sort of tendency is usually caused by the mouth and brain running at different speeds, hopefully, unlike Audrey, your brain is faster than your mouth.

Despite any minor faults you may have we can see you being a pillar of your community as yer not afraid of hard work, especially if you can tell someone all about it in Rovers later. Whilst you probably like to splash the plastic in clothes boutiques, you may also follow Deidre’s lead of being careful with your money when it counts.

After all, looking great is twice as rewarding if you got a bargain in process. We think that if you can keep yer foot away from the vicinity of yer mouth, you have what it takes to become a lady Mayor in your own right!

MissesCee said...

I am also Audrey Roberts, but in my heart I am Tracey Barlow...

Lisa said...

Another Shelly signing in but then again Jacqueline are we surprised that we came out as the same character... NOT