Thursday, October 27, 2005

I is Sad....

I don't know you who knows the upcoming plot with Mike Baldwin or not...

But the first hints of that storyline were shown last night and I am very sad.

Mike is such a lion on the street that I can't get my head around what they're going to do with him. My hubby says that he likes it because the show should be about reality.

Let's make the comment section of this posting open to all spoilers as I'd love to know your thoughts on this. (I will open with a comment that will let you know what I'm talking about if you are curious.)

For the rest of you DON'T read the comments section if you don't want to see info on upcoming Corries.


Jacqueline said...



The writers are giving Mike Baldwin Alzheimers Disease.

This really bums me. It's like if Mick Jagger got Parkinsons.

I don't know, I really HATE Alzheimers - a LOT - so it's going to break my heart seeing Mike go through this.

lexa said...

I knew about the upcoming storyline as well. (I have no patience and check on a regular basis.) I noticed, too, in last night's episode the little "sign" of things to come. There's a few other things to come that I don't really care for, either, but I guess that's just how it goes sometimes. I still love Corrie! I'm sure the writers will come up with some good things to help balance the bad!

John said...

So THAT's what was going on with his forgetfulness. I thought he was just being a prick and refusing to take responsibility. I was distracted by the newly arrived twin sister subplot. Is it going to be the same actress playing the twins or two different people?

Then again, when I think back, the signs were pretty clear in that exchange: his boasting that he NEVER forgets a favour from long ago (the details of which were unclear), then forgetting what he said yesterday. I sometimes forget the show is deceptively clever in its writing. Or I'm thick.

Yeah, Alzheimers sucks indeed. I don't expect it to be a pretty storyline.

Jacqueline said...

I peaked ahead. It gets nastier.

GoBetty said...

I'm behind in my episodes but don't mind any spoilers. I shall watch for this. I hope that he goes fast - that this storyline moves fast, as Corrie is wont to do. This disease is a nightmare where people can be trapped for years in a slow painful decline.

Jacqueline said...

Well, as we discussed, things do happen quickly there.

Corrie is the only place where I think you actually do 'catch' gay.

skeezix said...

It is sad, but it will be a very compelling storyline, and heartbreaking to watch.

Lisa said...

As someone who is up to scratch on the UK side of things as I'm addicted to the ITV updates I can tell you that that storyline disappears for a while anyway as other big poop hits the fan. Lot's more feisty Mike to come. No mourning yet...

lisa said...

From the ITV site today re. Mike leaving:
Corrie’s Mike Baldwin may be getting on a bit now, but it's hardly surprising considering the dramatic storylines he's faced over the years!

But actor Johnny Briggs says he’s still young at heart.

“I recently turned 70, but my mental age is 20,” he told the TV Times. “I have a young mind – my children have kept me young!”

And while there have been rumours that Mike will bow out of the show after developing Alzheimers, Johnny refutes such a suggestion.

“I don’t think Mike will exit as quoted by the tabloids,” he said. “I have a contract until October 2006 and, as far as I know, there are three different options as to what happens to Mike.”

But Johnny admits he has found it difficult to keep up with the pace of the show in the last couple of years.

“I told the top bosses that I’d like someone to take the burden off me, because I had to be there for every factory scene,” he explained.

“That’s when they introduced Danny and Frankie. Now they’ve done that, I don’t really want to leave.

“I’d like a few more years in Corrie, my character’s been so well written. I don’t think my wife would care if I stayed longer either.”

But Johnny knows that he must quit some time.

“Leaving the Street would be a disaster, but I’m 70 and you can’t go on forever. I’d like a situation where if I left the show, I could comeback in three months and do six or seven episodes and then perhaps something else.”

And what other storyline would Johnny most like to see Mike involved in?

“What I’d like for the future would be for a very rich, 20-year-old Norwegian nymphomaniac to woo Mike at the factory, now that’d be good!”

Well, he could always have a word into the Corrie bosses’ ears!