Sunday, October 02, 2005

I Dream of Corrie

Isn’t it enough that I devote an hour a day to watching Coronation Street on CBC, half an hour of Corrie on Country Canada’s ‘Coronation Street Classics,’ not to mention Corrie Canuck blogging time? Apparently not. For I dream about Corrie as well.

The latest Corrie characters making appearances in my dreams are Joe Carter (parental guidance recommended) Sean Tully (I was his fag hag) Tyrone Dobbs (I was MC at his wedding) and Gail Platt. Admittedly, Gail was more of a nightmare. Corrie writer Daran Little has had a few cameo roles as well.

Just when I’m thinking I may have to enter therapy to sort through all this, I find that over the pond, our Geoff has been dreaming of Corrie too:

“Coronation Street extras become central to the plot. Regular cast members become extras. The new stars spend all day in the Rovers getting extremely drunk.”

I recommend reading more of Geoff’s dream material at Geoff’s Dream Blog.

Here’s another bloke who dreamed about Ken Barlow jumping out of a toolbox.

So I’m somewhat relieved to know that I’m not alone in my nocturnal visions. And thanks to The British Cheese Board, I know which crumb of cheese to eat before retiring to bed to ensure sweet dreams.

Perhaps all these Corrie dreams are the Universe’s way of telling me I need a vacation. That’s it! I’ll go away for a while. Stop blogging. No Corrie. Stop reading The Sun. (I’ll probably develop a case of the DTs.)

Until that time, Corrie Canuck readers, let me know if you too dream of Corrie.


Geoff said...

Thank you for the mention, MJ.

I never knew The British Cheese Board was "the voice of British cheese". A bit presumptuous, surely?

Anonymous said...

I have a question for anyone watching the Corrie Classics? Do you know if they are showing it straigh through from 1995 (ie every episode) or are they skipping some?

I started to watch when Country Canada began showing them but found it too much with watching the regular episodes. I was actually getting confused! I would try to remember the last time I saw a certain character and sometimes was thinking of the Classic episode! I've only been watching for a year so the old storylines were new to me!

I'm interested in learning more about some old storylines and seeing characters when they were much younger, but I'm in Corrie overload!

MJ said...

Hello anonymous. Country Canada seems to be showing the 1995 episodes in order. I haven't noticed any inconsistencies at all so far. So I think we're getting the full-meal-deal on this one. If it's any consolation, I sometimes get confused too between old and new.

Anonymous said...

I too dream a lot about the street. Either I'm in Roy's rolls caught up in the middle of whatever crisis is going on that week or in bed with one of the cast members.(Usually Simon Gregson). That doesn't bother me though because I've been madly in love with him for years. LOL

MJ said...

Anonymous: Last night I dreamed that Fred Elliott invited me to spend the night. (I need help.) Could you PLEASE send Simon over when he's finished in YOUR dream?