Saturday, October 15, 2005

Help Gail Get Dressed

If you dared to view yesterday’s ‘Toxic Totty’ link, you know that Gail Platt really needs to cover up. So why not help her out with this Gail Paper Doll?

images via Gail’s Gail Hillman Paper Doll

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Bast said...

Completely other topic - sorry, don't want to help dress Gail (can barely dress myself). Any Calgarians in the blogosphere, the Calgary Street Talkers (the Coronation Street club) will be meeting as usual tomorrow (3rd Sat. of the month) at the Kensington Road Legion (NW). If we're lucky, we'll get to play "Corst" again (our own special brand of bingo, where the characters' photos take the place of the numbers.) See you there?