Sunday, October 02, 2005

Happy Birthday Steve

SIMON GREGSON (our Steve McDonald)

Born: October 2, 1974 in Wythenshawe, Manchester
born the day after Keith Duffy (our Ciaran McCarthy)

Birth name: Simon Gregory

Simon joined the cast of Coronation Street in December 1989 at the age of 15.

Simon wants to make enough money from playing taxi boss Steve McDonald so he can retire at 50. He says: "My recurring dream is to quit acting and become a yachtsman. Then I'll be able to spend the rest of my life just sailing off into the sunset."

Simon says Corrie was "like a religion" as he grew up. "My family never missed an episode. To this day when I hear the theme music at the end, I automatically think it must be bedtime."

He admits to a crush on screen mum Liz (Bev Callard.) He says: "She's one of the sexiest soap stars of all-time. She has the most amazing legs and a fantastic bum."

. . . and other bits

Simon likes to have a laugh with former co-star Suranne Jones (our Karen.) Suranne has said she hates her figure. "I would change my boobs in a second," she declared.

"They are too big. I hate my boobs and my bum. I've always had the mickey taken about them so I would love to change them." She even considered having an operation to reduce the size of her breasts.

"But then I wonder if I should mess about with what God's given me. Some days my boobs are sore and heavy. I always have to wear a bra even in bed. Simon Gregson tried to make me weigh them on the scales in the canteen."

Young Simon

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GoBetty said...

Hilarious. Liz's hair, clothes and makeup make me CRINGE. Sexiest soap star...? I know that part of the character's look is to dress age-inappropriately, but still. Thanks for the hot pic of Suranne J. and Simon G.