Saturday, October 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Ciaran

KEITH DUFFY (our Ciaran McCarthy)

Born: October 1, 1974 in Dublin

Birth Name: Keith Peter Thomas Francis John Duffy (is there enough room on the birth certificate for this?)

Keith joined the Coronation Street cast as our favourite Oirishman in 2002, playing Peter Barlow’s best friend from the Navy. Keith’s won a legion of female followers and has one of the heaviest fan mail postbags at the Street studios.

Keith is married to Lisa Smith and they have 2 children: a son Jordan and a daughter Mia.

Keith and the missus

Keith started out as an architecture student but quit school when he joined the boy band Boyzone.



Keith Duffy Trivia:
Favourite food: cabbage, bacon, mashed potatoes with lots of butter.
Name means: “The Wind” (apropos considering what he eats!)

Find out where Keith likes to tipple. (link posted previously on Corrie Canuck)


lexa said...

Love your site! I have you linked on my sidebar now - love your pictures of Corrie stars. Your blog has become a daily read for me now!

MJ said...

Welcome to Corrie Canuck! (Looks like we've enabled another addict.)

Jacqueline said...

Welcome Lexa!

Mudhooks said...

Hi there, just popped in to have a look. I'll be back!

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