Thursday, October 06, 2005

Emily Bishop: The 39-Year-Old-Virgin

Emily Nugent (later Bishop) was a timid secretary to the Weatherfield Mission Circuit and a shop assistant at Gamma Garments in the early years. Virtuous Emily was not known for running around with the men folk of the Street. Her one venture into love ended with her jilting Leonard Swindley at the altar.

All that would change in 1968. Enter Miklos Zadic: a Hungarian teacher who had fled his native country after the 1956 uprising. Miklos was employed in England as a demolition expert.

Emily prepared elaborate picnics to share with him on the building sites where he worked, and he introduced her to the benefits of communism, arousing a passion in her that she hardly knew existed. They danced barefoot together and she allowed him to unpin her hair!

To everyone’s surprise, Emily gave up her flat and followed Miklos to Newscastle where they spent a week of intense passion together.

Emily lost her heart – and virginity – to Miklos Zadic.

When she returned, alone, Emily said that she had given herself to him, and for once in her life, she had no regrets about what happened.

Sources include: “Weatherfield Life” by Daran Little and Bill Hill, and “The Coronation Street Story” by Daran Little.


Jacqueline said...

When she's ready to leave the show, they should bring him back and have her run off with him.

MJ said...

That would be a truly inspired episode. Alert the Corrie writers.