Sunday, October 16, 2005

Corrie 2050

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'Ken-inator' is star of Corrie in 2050
By Donna Watson

A SPECIAL one-off episode of Coronation Street showing it in the year 2050 has been produced to celebrate ITV's 50th anniversary - and Ken Barlow is still in the soap.

The futuristic show features many of the current characters and has Ken marrying his NINTH wife.

It is due to be aired at a glitzy anniversary bash in Manchester in December. And although there are no plans for it to air on our TV screens, bosses at Granada have not ruled it out.

The spoof transports many of the much-loved Corrie characters into bizarre plotlines.

Top of the bill is Ken, who becomes"Kendroid", a spoof of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator.

In 2050, Ken is married to current soap starlet Tina O'Brien as Sarah-Lou Platt - a matronly 68-year-old.

But Ken still can't forget his one true love, Deirdre. In the episode, he keeps her skull on the bar of the Rovers Return - complete with her trademark sexy specs.

Meanwhile, Jack Duckworth, played by Bill Tarmey, has won the lottery and used his winnings to clone wife Vera 14 times.

It means he's got a Vera for every occasion - whether it be as cook, cleaner, or just a drinking partner - keeping actress Liz Dawn busy.

Street loudmouth Cilla Brown has become addicted to plastic surgery with extreme results, while Rovers stalwart chef Betty looks exactly the same - as the show reveals that her hotpot has amazing anti-ageing powers.

And warring characters Eileen Grimshaw and Gail Platt are STILL squabbling over men, even on their walking frames.

A Corrie spokesman said: "It's not been made as a transmittable item, itwas just a bit of fun for the ongoing 50th anniversary celebrations and the results really are hilarious.

"The cast came in specially to film it and it was made for internal viewing at Granada, probably to be shown at our anniversary dinner in December.

"But we're certainly not ruling out that the public will eventually see it."

The 2050 action is all set within Weatherfield pub the Rovers Return, which was kitted out in space-age style with funky red seats, orange and chrome stools and Perspex tables


MJ said...

This is great. I had just typed this story into Word and was about to post it when I see it's already there! I wanted to do the exact same thing with Ken's photo but was too lazy so cheers to you for making it look so good.

John said...

Yeah, it was quite a little masterpiece of Photoshopping I did there. It took me FIVE WHOLE MINUTES to do it.

Glad you like it.